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April 28, 2009
RFID UHF reader.

Cincinnati, Ohio - Psion Teklogix, Inc. announced the integration of Gen 2 CAEN UHF RFID's A528 compact reader into Psion Teklogix' handheld WORKABOUT PRO®. The WORKABOUT PRO's rugged, flexible handheld computer, combined with the A528's ability to operate in the U.S. (FCC part 15), European (ETSI EN 302 208), and IC (Canadian) regulatory environments, creates the first multiregional ruggedized mobile device available for the North American market.

"In order to further adoption of RFID, technological innovations such as the WORKABOUT PRO and its smart integration of the CAEN A528 RFID Reader with the Impinj IndyT R1000 reader chip are needed to create new capabilities and additional uses for technology, including high density RFID tag reading," said Pierre Bonnefoy, director of RFID Solutions at Psion Teklogix. "This integration provides the market with a mobile computing device that combines the best of leading-edge technologies from CAEN and Impinj."

Psion Teklogix' goal is to deliver mobile handheld solutions that seamlessly provide companies with mission-critical data where and how they want it, in real-time. As a world-leader of RFID mobile terminals, Psion Teklogix has strengthened its position by providing global organizations with a technological competitive advantage, all within the small, ergonomically-friendly footprint of the WORKABOUT PRO.

"The WORKABOUT PRO, with our A528 high speed RFID reading capability in dense tag environments, is a breakthrough compared to previous UHF RFID reader options," said Giovanni Grieco, sales and marketing director of CAEN RFID. "The combination of the WORKABOUT PRO's size and ruggedness with our A528's multiregional capabilities make this the ideal device for world-wide mobile worker productivity."

"The WORKABOUT PRO's features, including our Indy R1000 reader chip, open the door to new applications for RFID in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, asset management, finance and aviation," said Kerry Krause, vice president of marketing at Impinj, Inc. "The solid performance, small size and low power consumption features of the R1000 make it the perfect fit for Psion Teklogix' new versatile handheld."

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