Robocom Announces Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Compliance

July 1, 2003
MASSAPEQUA, NY, -- Robocom Systems International Inc. (OTCBB:RIMS) announces Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) compliance and support for Vendor Managed

MASSAPEQUA, NY, -- Robocom Systems International Inc. (OTCBB:RIMS) announces Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) compliance and support for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

GTIN compliance: The GTIN is used for unique identification of trade items (pre-defined products or services) worldwide within the EAN.UCC System. The Uniform Code Council's 2005 Sunrise initiative stipulates that by January 1, 2005, all US and Canadian point-of-sale systems must be capable of scanning GTIN's. The RIMS warehouse management system cross reference option allows RIMS customers to use non-GTIN's as item identifiers and also track GTIN values by tying the GTIN to an item number. The Tool Kit enables RIMS customers to personalize RIMS to include the GTIN as an item reference by modifying the database and screens to display the new 14-digit value zero-filled, when necessary.

Other RIMS customers can choose to actually use the GTIN as their item identifier. Whether as a cross reference or as an item identifier, customers are able to scan the GTIN in warehouse functions and include it on labels and shipping documents.

"We are confident that Robocom's early adoption of GTIN compliance is indicative of our leadership role in this technology and presents a competitive advantage for our customers. As the GTIN becomes the standard of choice, RIMS users will have no trouble migrating to it or using it along with the older standard during a transition phase," says Judy Frenkel, Robocom' s Chief Operating Officer.

VMI support: RIMS has been enhanced to allow its users to track ownership of product within the warehouse and transfer of ownership from vendor to consignee. Vendors can be offered visibility to their inventory in the RIMS warehouse via an Internet connection and limited access to RIMS screens specifically designed for them. They can be electronically alerted when their inventory falls below a specified minimum so they can "push" inventory at the RIMS warehouse - all dependent upon the access privileges granted by the RIMS system administrator.

"Vendor Managed Inventory has become an important aspect of the modern supply chain. RIMS has taken a great step toward providing its users the ability to have vendors control inventory levels of the products they supply to the RIMS warehouse," says Ms. Frenkel.

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