Intermec Offers Wireless Security Assessment Program

May 1, 2003
EVERETT, Wash. -- Putting its track record of more than 1,500 wireless installations a year and 20 years of mobile computing experience to work for its

EVERETT, Wash. -- Putting its track record of more than 1,500 wireless installations a year and 20 years of mobile computing experience to work for its customers, Intermec Technologies Corp. announced the North American launch of a new wireless security services program.

The program provides a full range of professional services for customers with an existing wireless local area network as well as for those installing new systems. Services in the new program include a comprehensive Wireless System Risk Assessment; Secure Site Survey and Secure Site Installation to ensure effective deployment of all security features of the Intermec MobileLAN(tm) equipment; Quarterly Site Security Assessments to protect the long-term safety of a customer's wireless system; and configuration assistance for those companies whose systems include a RADIUS or Odyssey server.

"There are many wireless installations for which security has not been a consideration," said Steve Winter, Intermec senior vice president of global service. "It is important that those installed systems be evaluated to assess risk, ensure available security features are properly implemented in addition to maximizing security on new installations to make sure systems are protected."

The assessment is designed to consider all aspects of a company's wireless network, as well as its interactions with a company's enterprise network.

"An information system is only as secure as its most vulnerable component," said Mike Lovelace, Intermec director of services marketing. "This new program offers assurance that information moving between an enterprise's wired and wireless system is protected."

Under the new program, a trained and experienced Intermec analyst measures signal leakage -- how far the signal propagates beyond the perimeter of the physical premises -- to assess the risk for unauthorized access. In addition, the analyst examines existing network security policies and procedures, access point and client device configurations, as well as conducts searches for rogue access points. The findings from the perimeter assessment and vulnerability studies are then analyzed. Clients receive a written report of findings and recommendations to improve security levels using the available features of the system. The assessments are designed to help companies avoid hacking by hostile or unauthorized wireless users.

To maximize the potential of Intermec's wireless products and overcome the coverage and security challenges associated with wireless LAN installations, Intermec then provides a Secure Site Installation. During the assessment, all network controllers and wireless backbone components are inventoried, all access points are configured, pre-tested and installed along with antennas, cables and associated mounting hardware. Network connectivity to all access points and network controllers are tested followed by RF coverage and signal propagation testing. Finally, mobile client devices are installed on the wireless backbone and tested to ensure that there is a valid connection.

"At a cost slightly more than a site survey, companies gain greater awareness about the vulnerabilities in their wireless networks, mobile devices and procedures, and take specific action that either hardens their existing systems or provides an upgrade path for non-compliant equipment," Winter said.

To learn more about Intermec's Wireless Security Services, visit Intermec Technologies Corp., a UNOVA Inc. (NYSE:UNA) company is a leader in global supply chain solutions and in the development, manufacture and integration of wired and wireless automated data collection, Intellitag RFID (radio frequency identification) and mobile computing systems.