NCR and Matrics Partner to Support RFID

Nov. 1, 2003
SPRINGDALE, Ark. - NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) and Matrics, Inc., a provider of EPC-compliant radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, today

SPRINGDALE, Ark. - NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) and Matrics, Inc., a provider of EPC-compliant radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, today signed a letter of intent to provide consulting and support services for retailers deploying RFID technology.

The letter of intent provides the basis for a relationship that will facilitate the adoption of RFID in the retail environment. NCR will provide assessment and integration with existing systems, site analysis and equipment verification, installation, maintenance and help-desk support. Matrics will provide training for service personnel, as well as service parts and contacts for purchasing replacement equipment.

"As a leader in electronic shelf labels, NCR brings a unique understanding of radio frequency communication as well as experience deploying and supporting reader technology," said Tom Coyle, vice president of supply chain solutions for Matrics. "The company's commitment to identifying and connecting the potential benefits of RFID with the real world needs of retailers makes NCR the ideal partner to round out our portfolio of RFID-related offerings."

A founding sponsor of EPCglobal (formerly the Auto-ID Center), NCR is currently participating in a test program designed to learn more about the potential for retail solutions based on RFID, including options for protecting consumer privacy as the technology works its way to item level tagging. In addition to its work with EPCglobal, NCR creates and tests proof-of-concept prototypes for RFID and other advanced technologies in its Atlanta-based Retail Technology Center.

"NCR has been involved since the concept phase of RFID, and will be offering installation and support for the RFID infrastructure (portals, readers and antennas) needed in retail store receiving areas. We will continue to apply our retail expertise to create a seamless experience for our retail customers," said Chris Herwig, NCR director of Technology Management and member of EPCglobal's technology board. "Teaming with Matrics will enable us to better facilitate that transition."

NCR and Matrics will demonstrate their RFID capabilities tomorrow at the EPC Global Technology Expo in Springdale, Ark. The show will provide an opportunity for leading consumer goods manufacturers to learn more about the technology providers who will enable RFID. Featured in greater detail at the show will be NCR's range of consulting services offered to help retailers understand RFID opportunities and potential impacts, and to develop RFID strategies that integrate technology, applications, data and business processes. With a network of more than 16,000 service professionals worldwide, NCR also offers a host of support services, including project management, staging, installation, maintenance and managed services.

For a copy of "RFID in the Store," a white paper that addresses the areas likely to be impacted by technology and the 50 areas to consider, contact NCR at [email protected]

Matrics Inc., based in Columbia, Maryland, is a provider of EPC-compliant RFID technology and visibility solutions for supply chain, asset management and security, a corporate sponsor of EPCglobal and developer of PICA a new, high-speed, RFID tag assembly system. For more information, visit Matrics on the web at

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