Schneider Logistics Taps Optiant for Supply Chain Optimization

Dec. 1, 2003
BOSTON and GREEN BAY, Wis. (December 2, 2003) -- Schneider Logistics Inc., an industry leader with a history of successfully managing some of the world's

BOSTON and GREEN BAY, Wis. (December 2, 2003) -- Schneider Logistics Inc., an industry leader with a history of successfully managing some of the world's most complex, efficient and profitable logistics networks, will begin using Optiant's PowerChain® suite to help companies save millions of dollars with improved supply chain and inventory strategies. With Optiant, Schneider Logistics will target customers who choose to optimize inventories and improve performance to build competitive operations with the industry's leading solution for supply chain design.

"Supply chains - from design to delivery - ultimately determine market share," said Brian Hancock, vice president and general manager of Schneider Logistics. "Optiant's PowerChain solution has a proven track record of delivering bottom-line enhancing results in 90 days - and that's great news for our customers."

Schneider Logistics' customers in key vertical markets, including automotive, electronics, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing and healthcare, can choose to expand their supply chain engineering engagement to include inventory optimization via Optiant's leading technology.

General Motors, Ford, Thomson Electronics, and Ocean Spray are among the Fortune 500 companies that rely on Schneider Logistics to lower distribution costs, reduce inventory, improve customer service, and increase the availability of working capital. Schneider Logistics Engineering Services has a 10-year record of accomplishment, successfully optimizing supply chain networks for the Global 2000. Adding Optiant's PowerChain software to its suite of design tools enhances the breadth and depth of the offering that Schneider Logistics' team of more than 30 logistics engineers can deliver to current and future customers.

The agreement also expands Optiant's footprint in Europe through Schneider Logistics Europe, based in Venlo, the Netherlands. Companies worldwide are making supply chain optimization a top target as an effective strategy to improve performance while reducing costs - the mantra for today's economy. By tying inventory and logistics strategies to business goals, companies can improve time-to-market, boost service levels, optimize safety stock and buffer against unforeseen disruptions.

Tapping Optiant's award-winning technology and unmatched services, consumer packaging, high-tech and industrial equipment manufacturers have saved tens of millions of dollars, rapidly improved time-to-market and made double-digit gains in market share. Optiant's PowerChain software uses patent-pending algorithms to evaluate all inventory costs, lead time and production factors and recommend the best inventory strategies based on company goals and real-world constraints.

"Schneider is synonymous with logistics excellence, and we greatly value its endorsement," said Dan Ross, president and CEO of Optiant. "We're confident that Schneider's customers - like ours - will realize the tremendous value that inventory optimization delivers."