Merger Creates GENCO ATC

Oct. 26, 2010
GENCO Supply Chain Solutions (GENCO), a leading North American 3PL, completed its merger with ATC Technology Corporation (ATC).  The newly combined company will be privately owned and rebranded under the name GENCO ATC.  ATC Logistics & Electronics and ATC Drivetrain will become new divisions within GENCO ATC.  GENCO ATC will have estimated annual revenue of $1.5 billion, approximately 10,000 employees and grow to 120 operations, adding Fort Worth and Carrolton, Texas, Oklahoma City, Okla., Memphis, Tenn., and Matamoros, Mexico.

The merger immediately positions GENCO ATC as a leader in the consumer electronics/information technology market. Solution enhancements will be realized in transportation management; test and repair; remanufacturing; high velocity serialized fulfillment, co-packing, kitting; warehouse management systems; and product remarketing.

Herb Shear, chairman, president and chief executive officer of GENCO ATC said, “This merger represents a significant milestone for GENCO ATC. Today, we increased the depth and breadth of our service offering and our ability to diversify into the fast-growing wireless, consumer electronics/information technology and vehicle service parts markets. We are focused on quickly capitalizing on the attractive opportunities this merger has created to deliver value to our customers and accelerate our top-line growth.”

Mr. Shear continued, “With the merger now complete, GENCO ATC will have increased capacity to reach new markets and enhanced service offerings for current customers that deliver initial and ongoing value.”

Todd Peters, president and chief executive officer of ATC added, “GENCO ATC’s prospects for growth will be enhanced further by what will unquestionably be strong demand for our product life cycle logistics solutions.”