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Fleet Weigh Plus

July 11, 2007
SpeedShields Fleet Weigh system includes driver ID confirmation prior to start up and forklift activity log.Each forklift is programmed to accept only

SpeedShield’s Fleet Weigh system includes driver ID confirmation prior to start up and forklift activity log. Each forklift is programmed to accept only the ID’s of the operators trained for that machine. In addition, an electronic prestart checklist and seat belt use can be mandated! The forklift will not start until; 1) Driver ID verified with Proximity ID card 2). A programmable checklist must be completed with no unsafe conditions noted (this is done once every 8 hours or daily in most applications). 3) The seat belt must then be fastened, and then the forklift will start. UNTRAINED OPERATORS CAUSE ACCIDENTS! OSHA requires that forklift operators are trained on the same type of forklift that they are operating. A lot of money is spent on operator training each year. How does a manager make sure the drivers are trained on that forklift? Ives Training Group, North America’s Leader in Mobile Equipment Training Solutions, ( recommends practical hands-on training, and SpeedShield (to reinforce training and act as a support to the trained operator).

The Fleet Weigh Scale gives an easy to read display of the weight of the load on the forks. It can be
set to sound an alarm if it exceeds the capacity of the forklift and can be programmed to stop the engine and discontinue hydraulic functions except lowering, if maximum weight limit is exceeded. Overloading incidences are recorded as part of the activity log of that forklift.

An Optional speed alerts can be added if the driver travels above the acceptable speed in the plant. This would be recorded as an incident on the forklift log.

Excesses of travels speed, impacts, overloading, and other
abuse can be recorded in each forklifts SpeedShield Fleet Weigh Module. With driver ID, date, and hours, documented proof of abuse and the driver is recorded. Reports can prove who is responsible for damage and expense. Automatic emails to supervisors and managers can be sent to notify of these abuses. An integral Blue Tooth communications device provides easy access to this data.

Quality proven technology, easy installation, and affordable pricing!

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