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Zero Level Lift & Tilt

April 10, 2009
For loading material onto a lift table using a pallet jack.

Walled Lake, MI, Herkules Equipment Corporation’s New Zero Level Lift and Tilt provides an easy method for loading material onto a lift table using a pallet jack. No need to wait for a fork lift or spend money on expensive floor excavation. The lift’s platform is only 3/8” lowered and the lift travels 25.5 inches. The tilt can be operated independently of the lift, positioning materials perfectly within the operator’s reach for better ergonomics.

The 2,000 lb capacity lift and tilt is controlled easily with a joystick controller on a pedestal. Roller wheels are captured to prevent the lift table from tipping, and internal anchoring holes are provided to secure the lift to the floor. Safety skirting is available.

Herkules’ engineering team can customize the Zero Lift and Tilt to solve a customers’ specific material handling need. The platform dimensions, the tilt’s retaining corners, and other features can be specified into a design that provides a solution for improving the customer’s productivity.

Herkules’ pneumatic lift systems are virtually maintenance-free, with no messy fluids or costly cylinders to replace. The power source, Herkules’ Air Bag™ technology, provides a patented direct one-to-one lift ratio, eliminating stress on the scissors, minimizing wear and maintenance. The lifting motion is smooth and stable.The heavy-duty air bags are built for rugged daily use giving facilities a lifetime of trouble-free operation.

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