Model 1200C

Nov. 20, 2008
Batavia, IL With UPS and Fed Ex shipping rates increasing by as much as eight percent next year, calculating accurate dimensional sizes for shipments

Batavia, IL – With UPS and Fed Ex shipping rates increasing by as much as eight percent next year, calculating accurate dimensional sizes for shipments are even more critical to a company’s profitability. Measuring boxes with a tape measure or a caliper is a slow and inaccurate way to calculate dimensional weight or Dim-Weight. Doran Scales has developed a solution that is fast, accurate, and easy to use. The Model 1200C Cubing System for Cases calculates dimensions to an accuracy of a tenth of an inch and is more affordable than other cubing systems on the market.

“Companies anywhere in the supply chain can reap the cost-saving benefits of the 1200C Cubing System,“ explains Doran Scales President, Mark Podl “shippers will reduce costly charge backs from UPS and Fed Ex due to inaccurate carton dimensions, and warehouse managers will benefit from accurate data to calculate cargo capacity and warehouse space.”

While other cubing systems use potentially hazardous lasers, less accurate ultrasonic sensors, or cumbersome hand scanners, the Doran 1200C uses safe, optical eyes in the axis arms to calculate carton dimensions. The sensitive optical sensors are protected from accidental damage in the steel axis arms to eliminate production downtime due to equipment failure. Measurements are displayed in a large backlit LCD display and the intuitive design of the control panel assures that minimal operator training is required. All the operator has to do is position the case on the scale – the 1200C cubing system does the rest by calculating weight, height, width, depth, and volume and displaying the results on its bright LCD display. Weight data is displayed in 0.05 lb increments and the length is measured in 0.1” increments. The cubing dimensions can be shown in either metric or non-metric units.

The Doran 1200C is designed to be used as a stand-alone cubing system, or as an integral part of a company’s data collection system. The included Perfect Measure™ software allows for creation of product databases of weight and dimensional information or interface with existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), and many shipping manifest systems. Most supply chain companies and virtually all large retailers are requiring that dimension and weight data of cases, inner pack, and individual items comply with GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network. Doran’s 1200C Cubing System is the only dimensional weighing system that meets and exceeds the GS1/GDSN standards.

The job of allocating adequate warehouse space and building pallet loads is now easier with the accurate dimensions provided by the 1200C Cubing System. Dimensions of cartons can be used to provide slotting requirements and racking configurations, resulting in the most efficient use of storage areas. With correct carton size data, traffic managers can determine exact cargo space and reduce freight costs and expedite delivery.

The supply chain industry in today’s difficult economy is facing pressure to become efficient, accurate, and profitable. Using the 1200C cubing system, companies can use warehouse space more efficiently, charge accurate shipping rates, and profit from the cost savings.

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