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Kollmorgen Order Picking System

Nov. 5, 2009
The Pick-n-Go from Kollmorgen is a flexible order picking system that integrates with existing warehouse management systems (WMS) and processes and can be adapted to specific applications.

To use the system, customers add the Pick-n-Go vehicle automation kit to a lift truck and then connect the system to the WMS and a pick-by-voice technology. The WMS sends the order to the picker and lift truck simultaneously. The picker receives order information through pick-by-voice, and the lift truck automatically moves to the correct position, ready for the picker to place the item on the pallet.

A new order line is then sent from the WMS, and the lift truck automatically travels to the next position, followed by the picker. When the pallet nears capacity, the system automatically sends a new lift truck with an empty pallet to the picker. When the lift truck with the full pallet goes to the dispatch area, the picker never has to leave the picking area and continues to work on the next order without interruption, says Kollmorgen.

Kollmorgen guarantees a 60% order picking productivity improvement. The exact productivity gain is determined in a joint pre-study and measured before and after implementation.