Open Applications Group Assumes Rights to TranXML

March 1, 2003
ST. LOUIS (March 27, 2003) * To streamline communications between shippers and carriers, Transentric announces that Open Applications Group (OAGI), a

ST. LOUIS (March 27, 2003) * To streamline communications between shippers and carriers, Transentric’ announces that Open Applications Group (OAGI), a non-profit consortium for XML best practices and standard processes, will publish its signature transportation language, TranXML®. Transentric LLC, a leading provider of electronic connectivity and visibility solutions for the supply chain and transportation industries, developed TranXML to improve transportation e-Commerce efficiency.

Under this agreement, OAGI assumes the rights to the designs, methodology and ideas used to develop transportation-related XML schemas. Transentric has joined OAGI as an enterprise-level member and will work with the organization to further develop TranXML and other XML messaging standards.

"We developed TranXML to leverage the benefits of XML by promoting a common language and integrated flow of data among transportation applications," said Jim Damman, president, Transentric. "We believe OAGI provides the best outlet to share and further develop these standards for the transportation industry. Our new association with OAGI validates our efforts to improve e-Commerce activities between shippers and carriers and allows us to help OAGI members meet their specific messaging needs."

Transentric will continue to provide XML messaging services to its existing clients, including the customization of TranXML schema and/or the development of new, OAGI-approved messaging schema.

"We look forward to actively working with Transentric and sharing its expertise with members who need schemas tailored to their specific messaging needs," noted David Connelly, president and chief executive officer, OAGI.

Free downloads of the TranXML schema will be available at and