GL4e series

March 14, 2007
CHARLOTTE, NC SATO America, Inc., a global leader in barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions, today unveiled the new GL4e series for medium-duty

CHARLOTTE, NC – SATO America, Inc., a global leader in barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions, today unveiled the new GL4e series for medium-duty industrial applications. As an RFID-ready printer, it is field-upgradeable offering flexibility and scalability to meet end users’ RFID printing requirements anytime.

Only the GL4e series offers a field-upgradeable UHF RFID option; an industry-leading printer management utility; SATOnet Connect™; standard tri-port communication protocols of RS232C serial, IEEE1284 high-speed parallel and USB 2.0 plus LAN and 802.11g Wireless LAN as options; an “automatic detection system” to conveniently switch between 203 dpi (GL408e) and 305 dpi (GL412e) print resolution; an Online Data Verifier (ODV) option that validates barcode scanability at point of print; competitive emulations and much more. It’s all in there!

The SATOnet Connect printer management utility tool option provides the end user real-time visibility and control over their enterprise system of printers, which translates to improved productivity and cost savings. Its advanced emulation capabilities provide flexibility and choice for customers who have endured competitive-installed thermal printers and it resolves the issues of integration compatibility.

“The GL4e development had the end user in mind. It is the alliance of our technology leadership and our commitment to a customer-centric approach to product development, which meant continuously working to understand the needs of our business partners and end users,” said Mr.Toshihiro Waki, managing director of SATO International. He further commented, “We are bringing to market a product that meets the customers’ price-performance expectations, fully confident that it will be their preferred choice.”

“The new GL4e series represents yet another example of SATO’s leadership position in the barcode and RFID printing market,” added Robert Linse, president of SATO America. “We continue to develop exciting new products based on our customers’ needs and the GL4e series demonstrates our commitment to “leading the way” in fully-functional, cost-effective printing solutions.”
UHF RFID-ready printer, field-upgradeable

The GL4e series is the first RFID printer in its class to provide the most extensive support to encoding Class 1 Gen 2 tags. It makes use of the very latest in near-field antenna technology to encode precisely to the position on the label that guarantees optimum read performance. The GL4e RFID-ready series allows users to economically print barcode labels now and seamlessly incorporate RFID encoding capabilities as their future needs change. Furthermore, it can meet UHF* frequency standards worldwide for global implementation.

* UHF approval can be subjected to country-specific governmental RFID regulations.
Please contact your local SATO distributor or SATO Group Member Company closest to you to determine the UHF model that is appropriate for your region.

SATOnet Connect
The GL4e series can function as a stand-alone printer, but with the Java-based SATOnet Connect software option, end users can now remotely control and monitor all printers on the network, even worldwide. With this tool, it is now possible to manage mission-critical applications in real-time.
Online Data Verifier (ODV): barcode quality inspection solution

The SATO ODV, with its unique void-and-reprint technology, ensures the highest verification standards are met. The ODV prevents ‘bad’ barcodes from disrupting customers’ production or distribution systems, and in some cases helps to avoid compliance labeling failure fines. The SATO GL4e with ODV option is the heart of the compliance labeling barcode verification for end users and addresses their necessity to ensure barcode scan accuracy.

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