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Product News: Speaking with a Common Voice

Jan. 1, 2006
Voice technology expands to more devices.

Commercial voice technology is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar market. Partnerships between software and hardware vendors and the development of open development standards are fueling its growth.

Vocollect ( Pittsburgh, Pa.) recently released the pocket-sized Talkman T5 wearable computer. Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology lets it connect with other radio-frequency devices like beltworn printers, diagnostic equipment and bar code readers. The device has an automatic user log-on. Users speak their password, and their tasks are downloaded automatically. The T5's smart battery gives information such as hours used and the total number of charge cycles from Vocollect's Voice-Console software.

Vocollect's newly released deployment management suite, Voice Console 2.1 lets users manage their Talkman T5 wearable computers and headsets, as well as Symbol Technologies' (Holtsville, N.Y.) MC9060S handheld. The software makes it easy to quickly setup new users, control access,-and choose among more than 11 languages for voice prompts.

Voxware (Lawrenceville, N.J.) used the open development standard VoiceXML to build VoxBrowser, a voice platform that lets suppliers of warehouse management systems, enterprise resource planning, system integrators and value-added resellers, develop voice-enabled software independently of proprietary voice-input hardware. VoxBrowser also lets any Windows CE device to quickly become voice-enabled giving companies the ability to deploy voice in more places on more devices.

VoxManager, a standard, easy-to-use Web-based application operated by a warehouse site administrator, helps manage the deployment of voice-enabled devices. Critical functions such as configuration of the devices, adding, deleting and training of users and onthefly reassignment of workers to different zones and or tasks can be managed through the software. Vox-Manager includes Voxware's Operator Console, which lets site administrators make decisions quickly by providing a window to their entire warehouse for the effective management of voice-enabled workers.

Wireless technology lets the pocket-size Vocollect Talkman T5 connect with other devices.