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Three Wheel Electric Lift Trucks

Sept. 5, 2006
SWEDESBORO, N.J. TCMs new FTB16-7 and FTB18-7 Class 1 electric three wheel lift trucks are clean sheet designs engineered to increase your operations
SWEDESBORO, N.J. – TCM’s new FTB16-7 and FTB18-7 Class 1 electric three wheel lift trucks are clean sheet designs engineered to increase your operation’s productivity and profitability. Optimized to deliver reliable day-to-day performance, they also feature improved safety, easy operation, and reduced maintenance as top priorities. Their state-of-the-art features include: · Move more material quicker and with greater control. All TCM drive and lift motors are operated with 100% AC power. They deliver very high torque at low speeds for smooth starting and creeping. Anti-roll back is standard on these trucks. They also deliver higher travel and lifting speeds. Our AC motors have no brushes to wear out, which reduces maintenance to a minimum. · Add valuable hours to your material handling day. TCM’s AC motors and inverter control systems extend battery run times between chargings due to their superior operating efficiency and power regeneration. Also, you may be able to run your operation with fewer batteries.
· Put reliable high technology in your fleet. The patented TCM solid-state controller instantaneously manages operating current draw and power regeneration to maximize run times. It is adjustable for 3 speed and power settings: Economy Mode, Power Mode, and Super Mode. The controller also has Automatic Drive Monitoring to protect the equipment during operation. · Reduce your cost of operation with simplified maintenance. TCM FTB Series instrument panels carry on-board self diagnostics to simplify troubleshooting and maintenance at the job location. You do not need a separate hand-held instrument for most testing procedures. · Eliminate the cost of brake jobs entirely. Our standard wet disk brakes are maintenance-free, carry a limited lifetime warranty, and give superior stopping power and control. · Improve your Operators’ comfort and productivity. Access to the Operator position is improved with wider steps and a lower and wider floor. The small diameter, anti-kickback steering wheel is shaped for easier access as well. The standard suspension seat has an integrated restraint system to protect the Operator, and the smooth controls give precise handling and control over the FTB Series truck functions. The TCM wide view mast and the lowered instrument panel give the Operator an unrestricted view of the fork tips. · Improve your Operators’ safety. A complete safety system of interlocks is standard on these trucks, including safety neutral switch, weight sensing seat interlock, steering lockout logic, and short circuit lockout. The FTB Series also has tilt cylinder lock, battery E-stop, travel speed presets, and anti-roll back for safe starting up ramps. TCM overhead guards provide outstanding visibility, safety-rated protection, and high mounting for headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. · Add even more productivity and safety. Order popular options including TCM’s integrated side shifter for even more lifting capacity. Add finger tip controls for fast and fatigue-free all-day operation. Auto power-off is available to extend run times. TCM’s Smart Start Steering™ automatically positions the steering wheel spinner at a position preselected by the Operator. Lift Lock improves safety by gradually lowering the forks in the event of line pressure loss. Choose pneumatic tires for your truck and gain the additional versatility of outdoor capability. · Performance, FTB16-7 & FTB18-7. o Load Capacities 3,200 & 3,500 lbs. o Free Lift 6.1 in & 6.1 in o Battery Power @ 36V/AH/6HRS 36/770 & 36/990 o Battery Power @ 48V/AH/6HRS 48/550 & 48/660 o Overall Length 111.2 in & 115.6 in o Overall Width 42.3 in & 42.3 in o Overall Height Forks Lowered 78.5 in & 78.5 in Website, for more details are available at

Since 1949, reliable, high performance TCM forklift trucks have been used in demanding industrial applications throughout the world. TCM trucks are built in South Carolina. Product lines include Class 1, 4, and 5 lift trucks in capacities ranging from 3,000 lbs to 22,000 lbs, pallet jacks, and OEM and aftermarket replacement parts and accessories.

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