Intermec and IBM Provide Seamless Roaming Between Wireless Wide Area and Local Area Networks

Aug. 1, 2003
EVERETT, Wash., - Intermec Technologies today announced that users of its 700 Series mobile computers now can stay connected to applications as they move

EVERETT, Wash., - Intermec Technologies today announced that users of its 700 Series mobile computers now can stay connected to applications as they move between wide area and local area wireless networks. IBM's WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager (WECM) software supports Intermec's dual-radio computers to provide seamless roaming that does not require users to log on each time they re-enter network coverage. The Intermec-IBM system continually monitors the airwaves to determine what coverage is available and automatically routes wireless traffic through the lowest-cost network.

Seamless roaming between networks is a major breakthrough in wireless computing because it provides significant cost savings to users by reducing wireless airtime charges and leveraging investments in 802.11b wireless LANs and public-access "hot spot" connection services.

"Route sales managers, delivery personnel, repair technicians can have the best of both wireless worlds with convenient, lower-cost access to two-way communication for dynamic dispatch, workforce management, sales and inventory reporting and other applications," said Clark Richter, Intermec's business development manager for sales force automation and field service. "The value of this capability will increase tremendously as wireless hotspots continue to proliferate and provide even more wireless LAN coverage areas."

"Customers running IBM WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager software on Intermec computers can look forward to enjoying access to secure information across multiple networks so they can do e-business at any time from virtually any place," said Joe Damassa, vice president, IBM Pervasive Computing Division.

The 700 Series is the first handheld computer line to offer wireless roaming. IBM's WECM solution allows session persistence over any of the radio options available in the Intermec 700 Series, including GPRS, CDMA, or IEEE 802.11b. The 700 Series also supports Bluetooth wireless for short-range connectivity between computers and peripherals, and can simultaneously support all three forms of wireless communication in a single device. Intermec's SymPhone option allows workers use their 700 Series computers to make voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone calls over wireless LANs.

"Our customers demand flexible solutions that provide immediate business value and still allow them to grow. The ability to maintain session persistence over diverse wireless networks is an extremely powerful building block for creating mobile enterprise applications that solve business problems today and can take advantage of emerging wireless opportunities," said Kevin Moore, Intermec's business development manager for transportation and logistics.

Intermec's 700 Series already has become a favorite with workers whose daily shifts require powerful, reliable and easy-to-use handheld computers that can take the abuse of industrial, mobile and retail environments. Its optional scanning technologies offer reliable and accurate data and image collection, and its market-leading battery capacity ensures up to 10 hours of operation between recharging.

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