End-rider walkie lift trucks

Oct. 25, 2006
HOUSTON Cat Lift Trucks, the leading provider of quality and reliable lift trucks, has introduced the WR6000-WR8000 series of AC powered electric end-rider

HOUSTON – Cat Lift Trucks, the leading provider of quality and reliable lift trucks, has introduced the WR6000-WR8000 series of AC powered electric end-rider walkie lift trucks. This new series features walk-behind and ride-on versatility and an innovative AC controller precisely matched to drive motor power requirements with maximum efficiency, while providing the solutions and support that Cat Lift Trucks’ customers have come to expect.

The series offers two models with capacities of 6,000 and 8,000 lbs., both of which are engineered for long-term reliability in demanding manufacturing, industrial and commercial applications. The AC electric end-rider walkies are ideal for food packaging, general stocking, and manufacturing applications where long runs, floor-level order-picking and the need for excellent maneuverability are a substantial part of the working day.

The long performance truck models use an innovative three-phase AC technology, resulting in increased efficiency and optimizing energy resources for longer battery shift life. Advanced regenerative braking further enhances energy efficiency and smoothes out directional changes, while dramatically reducing brake pad wear, when compared to conventional designs.

With a rugged torque-resistant frame and custom fitted fork lengths, the Cat Lift Trucks end-rider walkie is adaptable to any workplace environment. Each walkie end rider comes equipped with the fork length best suited for the application; from the 36-inch forks, commonly used for beverage handling, to the 96-inch “long-john” forks, designed for handling double pallets and ideal for fast-moving environments. All forks come equipped with special XAR (eXtreme Abrasion Resistant) steel in the areas where accelerated material wear is frequently experienced, thereby maintaining the shape and integrity of the fork design for superior performance over the long haul.

Along with durability and operating efficiency, the WR6000-WR8000 series takes operator comfort beyond the industry standard. Every detail of the operator’s work space is designed to reduce fatigue and improve performance, including a cushioned operator platform to reduce jolting and an ergonomically designed handle featuring a twist-grip travel control for maximum grip and excellent speed control. In addition, the truck’s ability to be driven with the control handle in the vertical position allows the operator to smoothly maneuver the truck through spaces where normal lift trucks are unable to operate.

In line with Cat Lift Trucks legendary commitment to worry-free operations the WR6000-WR8000 series features a new design that separates the hydraulic and electrical systems, keeping hydraulic fluid away from the electronics. In order to simplify the maintenance process, all components are immediately accessible when the cover is removed and all switches, which are rated for at least 1 million cycles, are sealed against dirt and moisture. Supported by the most comprehensive customer support network in the industry, these end-rider walkie trucks come with 500-hour service intervals and field support from the Cat Lift Truck dealer network.

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