Mhlnews 607 Columbia Palletizer Machine 200

Columbia Machine, Inc. Palletizers

July 1, 2010
Columbia Machine, Inc. enhances standard safety features in their Palletizers.

The new palletizers include dual circuit safety interlocked door switches and Sick type 4 light curtains in the discharge area. Upper level guarding on all of Columbia Machine’s high level Palletizers includes a perimeter hand railing. Case entry guarding is included on both high level and floor level Palletizers in the form of a moveable “tunnel” or guarding with access door.

According to Columbia Machine, Inc., “fallen case detection” is now standard on all high level Palletizers, preventing hoist damage in the load building area. The controls package, offers a way to add or modify patterns, adjust PLC timers and VFD speeds, generate production reports and provides enhanced alarm data with sequential troubleshooting support.

Columbia Machine, Inc.