Mhlnews 608 Moteck Conveyor 200

Montech Conveyor

July 28, 2010
Using “Chaos Technology,” the Montech mutitrack conveyor smoothly transports items and gives the ability to direct the control of destination.

The Montech system is suitable for several intralogistics and industrial applications including the transport of vehicle headlight components from warehouse to machining stations, transport of glass lenses, interlinking of injection molding presses, connection of manual and automatic working stations for car and truck rearview mirrors or automated box handling.

To carry parts up to 120 kilograms, Montech’s multitrack conveyor features toothed belts. The belt is available with three different drives with spur gear motor. Depending on the selected drive, there are different options for acceleration, brake, transport speed and stop positions. According to Montech, the smooth and delicate handling of parts is guaranteed by accurate acceleration and braking curves.

The Montech belt conveyors are based on a modular concept with ready-to-use standard components. The conveyors can be assembled in variable configurations, extended or shortened with a simple and cost-effective approach. The conveyors have standard widths between 45 and 800 millimeters, while their length can be selected freely up to 15 meters in one millimeter steps. The conveyors can carry up to 125 kilograms.

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