Regional Firms Partner to Bring RFID Teachings to Midwest

Jan. 1, 2004
For the first time in the Midwest, best-in-class technology organizations are teaming up to present The Mechanics of RFID , a no-nonsense, full-day workshop

For the first time in the Midwest, best-in-class technology organizations are teaming up to present The Mechanics of RFID , a no-nonsense, full-day workshop focused exclusively on Radio Frequency Identification and its implementation in manufacturing and distribution organizations. The event, jointly produced by Productivity by RFID of Shaker Heights and Strongsville-based Mirifex, will take place February 26, 2004, in Cleveland, Ohio. The producers are two of the region's leaders in RFID strategy development and implementation.

The event is designed to help Executive Management, Informat ion Technology Professionals and Operations personnel in manufacturing and distribution learn more about RFID systems, RFID costs and RFID deployments that achieve Return On Investment. The workshop will also cover how to build a business case to pursue RFID implementation, and stages of the implementation process.

"RFID's capabilities make it the productivity tool of the present and future for both manufacturing and distribution," said Rob Steinberg, President of Productivity by RFID, and architect of the workshop. "Today, both the U.S. Department of Defense and Walmart are mandating RFID's use by their suppliers. Tomorrow, RFID will become the operating norm for manufacturers and distributors in every supply chain. This workshop is designed to teach northeast Ohio business leaders what they need to know to begin transitioning to an RFID environment."

Mechanics of RFID will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the CAMP Manufacturing & Technology Complex, 1768 East 25th Street, in downtown Cleveland. CAMP is a sponsor of the event.

Presentations and demonstrations at the workshop will be delivered by RFID technology experts, including Matrics, RF Code, X-Ident, Avery Dennison, LXE, Mirifex and Productivity by RFID.

Pete Evangelista, Process Practice Leader at Mirifex, said the course will be particularly advantageous to business leaders dedicated to world-class operational efficiency, productivity and quality. "Whether you are the President, General Manager, Plant Manager, CIO or a lead Engineer, The Mechanics of RFID will demonstrate a key technology that will likely drive a sizeable portion of your enterprise in the future and how to get there."

Steinberg and Evangelista, who will co-host the event, said that the workshop is a necessity, particularly for professionals in Aircraft Systems and Parts, Automotive, Printing & Converting, Injection Molding, Assembly, Machining, Die Casting, Tool & Die, Warehousing, Logistics & Trucking—all industries directly affected by U.S. Department of Defense and Walmart mandates on RFID implementation.

Complete information concerning the event—including the workshop itinerary, presentation outlines, speaker biographies, and registration information—is available online at . The website also contains useful links to tutorials and case studies on effective RFID implementation. Prospective attendees can register via credit card payment online, or by phone at (216) 283-1020.

Cost for the workshop is $395 per person for the full-day workshop; or $295 per person for half-day participation. An early registration discount is available for those who register before February 13. Group discounts for multiple attendees from the same company are also available.

About RFID: Radio Frequency Identification is a set of wireless technologies using radio waves to transmit information between a silicon chip and a reader. RFID tags can signal their presence, their unique identity, their location and other user-defined information. Objects tagged with RFID can be tracked, sorted, inventoried, picked, distributed and assembled faster and easier than ever before. Information stored on the tags can even replace paper documents.

About Productivity by RFID: The mission of Productivity by RFID is to harness the power of RFID to improve productivity and quality in manufacturing and distribution. Productivity by RFID is an RFID system integration and consulting company supplying: design and deployment of turnkey RFID systems for process improvement; consulting services and educational workshops general, industry specific and company specific; the design of 'smart' products using RFID as on-product information or command storage. Located at 2949 Morley Road in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

About Mirifex: Established in 1999, Mirifex has rapidly become one of Ohio's largest and most diverse business management and technology consulting firms by delivering "brilliant returns" to clients in a range of high-growth industries.

About CAMP: CAMP is a professional services organization helping Ohio manufacturing and technology- based companies achieve top line growth, bottom line savings and improved profitability.