Cutting Edge

June 1, 2004
BEWARE, PEDESTRIANS Worker Alert warns pedestrians and other drivers that a lift truck is coming. The device uses a photo-sensor that sends a safe red


Worker Alert warns pedestrians and other drivers that a lift truck is coming. The device uses a photo-sensor that sends a safe red light beam to detect a reflective strip mounted on the lift truck. The warning device (usually a strobe) is activated when a lift truck or other vehicle passes it. Use it to protect pedestrians and drivers at blind corners, multi-way intersections, doors that open onto truck aisles and tunnel exits. Installation is simple: mount Worker Alert on a wall, column or ceiling; mount the warning device at the hazardous location; place reflectors on lift trucks. Auxiliary sensors can detect multiple approaches. The warning may be visual, audible or both. All wiring is low voltage; the unit uses internal power to activate the strobe or horn. A key switch prevents tampering. Alert Safety Products,, 800-783-4290.


The HD228-FR pallet has received Underwriters Laboratories’ UL2335 Classification for fire safety. The 48 x 40-in. pallet has also passed National Sanitary Foundation testing for sanitation and meets Grocery Manufacturers of America sanitary requirements. With its 2-in., 2,800-lb edge-racking capability, the pallet combines strength and durability with fire safety and economy. The interior support frames are corrosion resistant. These pallets can be used in any warehouse that uses wood pallets without modifying the sprinkler system. Rehrig Pacific Co.,, 800-546-4993.


DirtyDutyWD washdown-duty electric motors are designed for severe, corrosive applications. The motor features an exterior surface coating bonded to its steel frame, cast iron endplates, conduit box, lid and base. This coating is impervious to high pressure, extreme temperatures and caustic chemicals. A stainless steel shaft extension prevents rusting of the shaft to the pulley or other driven equipment. A non-contact, non-metallic rotating labyrinth shaft seal prevents ingress of water or other debris. Stainless steel plugs allow proper drainage of condensation build-up or forced water entry, prolonging motor life. The motors are available from stock from 1⁄2 through 10 hp, 1,750 rpm, 230/460 volts, 3-phase, 60 hertz in C-face with and without base mountings. Baldor Electric Co.,, 800-828-4920.


The ICwedge device increases container throughput for loading coolers and pasteurizers. The cooler infeed system operates with continuous motion and low back pressure. The system utilizes the rotating motion of multiple wedges to form and transfer rows of containers into a mass-flow cooler. It simultaneously transfers a row of bottles off the single-file delivery conveyor and onto the mat-top cooler chain while allowing a subsequent row of bottles to form across the front of the cooler. The cooler infeed system eliminates hot-bottle denting, allows efficient handling of lightweight bottles, maximizes production throughput and is able to run both round and non-round/rectangular bottles. The units can run at production speeds of 100 to 800 bottles per minute. The cooler/pasteurizer infeed system requires no additional accumulation conveyor. It can be retrofitted to existing coolers. Nercon Eng. & Mfg. Inc.,, 920-233-3268.