Firefly Energy Selects Crown Battery to Make Prototype Carbon-Graphite Foam Batteries

May 1, 2007
Firefly Energy Inc. (Peoria, Ill.) has contracted with Crown Battery Company Inc. (Fremont, Ohio) to enable prototype and production support of Firefly's

Firefly Energy Inc.

Crown Battery Company Inc.

Firefly is the developer of an innovative carbon-graphite foam lead acid battery for commercial and military applications. The technology reportedly offers dramatic advantages over conventional lead acid battery technology. The porous, conductive nature of the foam electrode enables faster, deeper and more reliable discharges and recharges. Battery life is extended since sulfation is reduced, the carbon-graphite foam makes the battery more environmentally friendly, and the battery is less expensive than lithium and nickel battery chemistries. The carbon-graphite foam replacing much of the lead content also enables the battery to perform at cooler temperatures.

"This manufacturing partnership will take advantage of Crown's extensive experience in developing high quality lead acid batteries," said Hal Hawk, president of Crown Battery. "We're looking forward to partnering with Firefly Energy and to manufacturing a new performance class of battery based on this innovative technology."

Source: Firefly Energy Inc.