Cradle Cart

March 20, 2007
The Creform Corporation (Greer, SC) has designed a new, innovative material handling structure using its Creform Systema series of plastic coated steel

The Creform® Corporation (Greer, SC) has designed a new, innovative material handling structure using its Creform® System—a series of plastic coated steel pipes, joints and accessories—that will allow manufacturing and warehousing operations to easily move long, slender manufacturing stock components and products to processing, assembly, kitting and shipping stations. The new cart concept features an open deck design that is constructed at a low, 24" height for ergonomic loading and unloading, plus with an ample 3'W x 5'L cradle platform size to support the longer materials. The standard cart design provides a load capacity of up to 750 pounds, and, with high side rails to prevent product roll off, is ideal for transferring metal and plastic pipe and tubing, electrical conduit, plastic trim pieces as well as wood and composite moldings, lath and other building/construction materials.

The load bearing platform surface of the cart is also open, consisting of only cross members made from the Creform plastic coated steel pipe that offers low friction for ease of sliding and that helps prevent product damage. The design of the cart also eliminates material contact with any other cart components—such as metal joints—that might mar product surfaces. In addition, this simple, open design of the load platform eliminates the problem of a solid surface collecting dirt and debris, and helps to curtail cart weight to optimize maneuverability and load carrying capacity.

The Cradle Cart unit is equipped with six large diameter wheels, with the option of all swivel casters for added maneuverability or with fixed or directional lock casters for greater straight line control when rolling long distances.

The side rails feature a curved pipe construction that enhances aesthetics and provide a comfortable push point. As a further option, Creform can equip the cart with removable sides or drop down rails to further simplify loading and unloading.

As with all Creform System-built structures, the simplicity of design and construction allows the ‘standard’ specifications of the cart to be customized, including greater load carrying capacities or a larger cradle area. The Cradle Cart can also incorporate shelving or storage locations below the primary surface for holding small boxes or parts. A clipboard style work surface can be included to display picking lists, work orders and documentation, or as a writing surface.

Cradle Carts are available in an assortment of pipe colors that aids in distinguishing carts by department, personnel or for specific uses. Creform offers the cart as a kit with components ready for user assembly, or as a completed, assembled structure—both packages sized and fabricated to customer specifications.

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