General Dynamics Opts for Paper-to-digital Filing Platform

Oct. 1, 2003
Chandler, Ariz. (October 16, 2003) - ImageTag, the creator of innovative solutions for moving paper to the digital world, has announced a significant

Chandler, Ariz. (October 16, 2003) - ImageTag, the creator of innovative solutions for moving paper to the digital world, has announced a significant contract with General Dynamics to implement KwikTag* Enterprise Digital Filing, the company-wide version of its innovative paper-to-digital filing platform.

The KwikTag user base will span 3,500 seats in numerous departments within General Dynamics. Additionally, two other major companies have recently contracted with ImageTag for Enterprise Digital Filing systems. The General Dynamics division, located in Scottsdale, began using KwikTag as a departmental solution. The system then spread to other departments and was integrated with several line-of-business software applications. General Dynamics' IT management gained perspective on the company-wide benefits of KwikTag Digital Filing, and the advantages of a standardized technology for moving paper into the digital environment.

KwikTag has been embedded in three existing software packages at General Dynamics to manage related paper digitally. It is being used to paper enable Oracle Financials, will roll out as a paper on-ramp to Open Text Livelink, and will digitally manage paper receipts for the Concur on-line expense management system.

KwikTag's patented method is the only solution that allows users to file paper digitally, in-line with existing line of business software. Additionally, images are retrieved from the line of business software. KwikTag can serve as the repository or a seamless on-ramp to move images and index values into an existing repository. Some KwikTag departmental users at General Dynamics employ digital copiers for self-serve scanning and others employ centralized scanning from a shared services operation. Digital copiers, scanners, and fax are all available for input of images.

KwikTag Enterprise Digital Filing is a simple, productive and universal company-wide system for moving paper to the digital platform. Companies are turning to KwikTag for Enterprise Digital Filing to increase adoption of automation platforms by managing related paper, achieve regulatory compliance for records management, implement organizational process standards for paper records and reduce paper management costs throughout an organization.

"Enterprise Digital Filing at General Dynamics tells the KwikTag story: a company-wide solution for moving paper onto the digital platform," said Steve Irons, CEO of ImageTag. "KwikTag proved its value in widely differing departmental deployments, each time providing a productive, simple and foolproof way to make paper an information asset instead of a burden. Almost every KwikTag customer expands to other departments, usually within a couple months of install. Today's Enterprise Digital Filing version of KwikTag was driven by customer demand for this type of licensing."

Other companies that have recently selected KwikTag for their Enterprise Digital Filing solution are University Physicians Inc. located in Tucson and Paradigm Health located in the San Francisco Bay area.

With the KwikTag method a user enters the document's filing instructions using KwikTag's intuitive software interface or the native departmental software. Then, the user attaches a bar-coded Post-it® eFlag to the first page of the document. The eFlag is similar to a small, pop-up Post-it® Note and was created especially for ImageTag by 3M. Users then scan stacks of tagged documents at a digital copier, multifunction device or fax machine, and the digital images are automatically processed and stored in secure, virtual "drawers," located on the distributed network. Documents filed digitally by KwikTag are available anytime, from anywhere, directly from authorized users' desktops.

KwikTag's unique capture method gives a company speed, capacity and project flexibility. The ease with which front office employees embrace the KwikTag method further supports how innovative technology can simplify the work process.