Product News

Dec. 1, 2002
COMPATIBLE PRINTER The digital Model 3038 line printer-applicator features a two-line digital display with error messaging, keypad entry and velocity


The digital Model 3038 line printer-applicator features a two-line digital display with error messaging, keypad entry and velocity compensation. It accurately places labels even when speed changes. It is compatible with any OEM printer and is available in a variety of stroke lengths. Label-Aire Inc.;, 714-441-0700


Exide battery chargers help increase the life expectancy of batteries because they monitor the charging process to minimize overcharging and undercharging. They use silicon-controlled rectifier technology that regulates the charging current depending on the age and discharge depth of the battery connected to the charger. They also generate less internal battery heat than conventional chargers, reducing gassing and water loss that can contribute to battery wear. Electronic controls and microprocessors determine the time and amount of charge for a battery. These chargers also come with auto-start and programmable delay-start features. EnerSys Inc.;, 800-538-3627


The Model 5200 label printer-applicator now works with two additional Zebra print engines. The Pax3 printers are available in 203 dpi or 300 dpi models and accommodate pressure-sensitive labels to 6 in. wide at speeds to 12 ips. The Model 5200 offers a choice of three application methods: air blow, flex-temp or tamp-blow. All methods provide precise label placement of ±0.06 in. and are capable of applying labels to the top, bottom or sides of a product or carton. Weber Marking Systems Inc.;, 800-225-0883


Cellular weighing is a means to monitor, control and network multiple sensor inputs and outputs through radio frequency wireless communications. The MSI-9000 CellScale serves as a central controller that simultaneously communicates with multiple indicators and modems. The system eliminates re-entry of data. Measurement Systems International;, 206-433-0199


The TTX 674/675 printer prints bar codes, graphics and human-readable copy on tags and labels at a resolution of 300 dpi. Maximum print speed is 12 ips. It can label hard and soft goods and cartons, and can be used in retail and distribution center applications. The printhead is easily replaced. The printer conserves the print ribbon. The printer also is equipped with an extensive library of popular bar codes and 17 standard and two scalable fonts. Avery Dennison;, 215-728-8033


The KBK workstation is a combination of track, runway and freestanding support that can span from 10 to 26 ft and handle loads to 2,200 lb. Components include trolleys, hanger suspensions and festooning. The chain hoists have a conical rotor brake motor, ergonomic pushbutton, variable-speed stepless option and an overload clutch with load-halt device. The Manulift has interchangeable attachments and offers two-speed control that grips, lifts and moves loads to 500 lb. The air balancer helps transfer and position any load to 250 lb. Demag Cranes and Components Corp.;


The Model SW22 is an intermediate-duty electric straddle stacker. The motor design offers controlled top speed regardless of load, controlled speed on ramps, ramp start without rollback and programmable operating speeds. The electronic control system reclaims up to 15 percent of battery energy. The stacker is available with either a single mast for 64-in. lift, or telescopic masts for lifts to 112 in. or 128 in. Maximum load capacity is 2,200 lb with a load center of 24 in. Multiton MIC Corp.;, 804-737-7400


Walkie Stacker electric lift trucks include straddle, counterbalanced and reach stackers, and have capacities from 2,000 to 4,000 lb. Each truck delivers smooth performance in locations where stand-up or sit-down rider trucks are too large. A programmable drive offers precise control of the truck. Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. Inc.;


The Watchman 2000 has been updated; it can be powered either with batteries or through a standard AC wall outlet. The unit reduces repair costs and injuries caused by lift trucks colliding into overhead doors or other overhead fixtures. Any slight impact activates a 120 dB alarm, and two bright red flashing lights alert drivers before collision. The alarm resets automatically after 10 seconds. The unit can be hung from a ceiling or extended from a wall. Standard lengths include 6, 8, 10 and 12 ft. Alvarado Mfg. Co.;, 909-591-8431


The 940 Series palletizers are high-speed yet configurable systems. They can palletize at speeds in excess of 200 cpm. Features include powered roller conveyors and pusher bars for smooth inline handling, the ability to build case loads on a slip sheet or on pallets of different sizes, and the ability to execute up to three palletizing patterns. Alvey Systems Inc., an FKI Logistex Co.;


Wire-Sided Platform trucks won’t rattle, have an angle iron base frame, removable 23-in.-high wire panels, a noise-deadening layered wood bottom panel, and offer a choice of polyurethane mold-on rubber or full pneumatic casters. Available capacities are 1,000, 1,200 and 2,000 lb. One wire side panel is a drop-down gate, offering easy access to bottom loads. Trucks come in two deck sizes, 48 in. by 24 in. and 60 in. by 30-in. C&H Distributors Inc.,, 800-336-1331


The DeckHand Rough-n-Ready floor scale and indicator system has a 500-, 1,000- or 2,000-lb floor scale. Two large rubber wheels permit smooth maneuvering. The wheels only touch the floor when the scale is tilted back for movement. This lets the weighing platform remain stable on uneven surfaces. Two opposed, off-center load cells deliver accurate weights without needing to level feet. The system includes an IQ plus 590-DC weight indicator with a large, six-digit LCD. Rice Lake Weighing Systems,


The X-Com Series 769 terminal blocks offer “X” number of connection combinations that use terminal blocks and plugs designed to create one, self-contained, plug-in connection system with unlimited variations. The base receptacle terminal blocks have two connections for either two plugs or one plug and one Cage clamp and two-way jump. Cage clamp technology offers vibration-proof, low-resistance connections. Wago,, 800-din-rail


The AccuVision 3800 CCD camera-based bar code reader is a replacement for the Model AV3700. It measures 12 in. by 10.5 in. by 6.5 in., and supports all AV3700 configurations with the same lens and sensor flexibility. It has an adapter plate for drop-in optomechanical compatibility. In addition, it supports the coplaner illumination, VisionCube, automatic dimensioning, VisionCapture image capture, storage and recall, and VisionKey remote data entry options. It can read more than 20,000 scans per second; linear and two-dimensional symbols omnidirectionally at conveyor speeds to 600 fpm. It also communicates through Ethernet or any NT-compatible local area network. Accu-Sort Systems;, 800-BAR-CODE