Accellos Releases Scheduling Software

Aug. 19, 2009
Accellos has developed its new Accellos One Schedule software using the framework of its recently announced Accellos One Workspace.

Accellos One schedules dock doors, fleet assets, drivers and yard locations. The company says the software helps maximize asset utilization, enhance enterprise-wide visibility of those assets and reduce the potential for penalties caused by poor scheduling.

“By utilizing the Workspace framework, we've been able to develop and deliver A1 Schedule in a modular fashion,” says Ross Elliott, Accellos' chief technology officer. “The first release will manage the schedules for a company's inbound and outbound dock doors. Subsequent releases will broaden the product to include scheduling their fleet of trucks along with the associated drivers and the ability to schedule and assign staging locations for inbound and outbound tractors/trailers in the yard."