Aug. 21, 2006
SEATTLE, Wash., Responding to demand for radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags that can store detailed product information for specialized applications,

SEATTLE, Wash., – Responding to demand for radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags that can store detailed product information for specialized applications, leading semiconductor and RFID technology provider, Impinj, Inc., today announced the availability of two enhanced functionality RFID chips: Monza™/ID chips with secure factory-programmed product identification numbers and Monaco™/64, the first in a line of chips with user-programmable memory.

Ideal for anti-counterfeiting applications, Monza/ID chips are pre-programmed with unique identification numbers and protected against erasure and overwriting. Monaco/64 chips provide 64 bits of user-rewritable memory and extend Gen 2 RFID tag data storage capabilities beyond the standard electronic product code (EPC) to include additional user-defined information. Monaco/64 chip memory can be programmed and read repeatedly to keep data timely and accurate, or data can be locked to prevent subsequent alteration.

The Monaco family of chips targets industries and applications with specific data storage requirements such as the following:

Airline industry: baggage handling information; equipment maintenance and inspection data
Pharmaceutical industry: electronic pedigree; manufacturing lot and date code; expiration date
Retail supply chain: manufacturing plant location; warranty information
Sensor industry: temperature and humidity fluctuations; chemical and radiation exposure data

"Market-specific technology solutions based on new, high-performance chip designs are the next major requirement for the RFID industry," said Louis Bianchin, senior RFID analyst-program manager at Venture Development Corp. “Impinj's Monza/ID and Monaco/64 chips directly address the specialized data storage requirements of some of the fastest growing RFID market segments. These new chips also deliver the performance, functionality and reliability of the company’s market-leading Monza chips.”

“Impinj’s advanced development strategy and our lead in the Gen 2 chip market allow us to deliver specialized RFID chip products when high-growth supply chain markets require them,” said William Colleran, president and CEO at Impinj. “Our Monza/ID and Monaco/64 chips extend the power of Gen 2 and provide features that significantly improve asset tracking systems.”

Part of Impinj’s GrandPrix™ Gen 2 solution, Monza/ID and Monaco/64 chips are based on the company’s proven semiconductor technology and have the same footprint and performance characteristics as Impinj’s popular Monza™ Gen 2 RFID chips that support basic EPC tracking. Monza/ID and Monaco/64 chips also use the same antenna designs as Monza, allowing RFID tag manufacturers to easily incorporate the new chips into their tag products.

Production quantities of Monza/ID and Monaco/64 chips are available today. Other chips in the Monaco product line are under development and will be released beginning later this year.

About Impinj, Inc. Impinj, Inc. is a semiconductor and RFID company whose patented Self-Adaptive Silicon® technology enables its two synergistic business lines: high performance RFID products and semiconductor intellectual property (IP). A leading contributor to the RFID standards for high volume supply-chain applications worldwide, Impinj leverages its technical expertise and industry partnerships to deliver the GrandPrix™ solution, comprising tags, readers, software and systems integration to offer RFID that just works™. Impinj’s innovative IP products, core to the company’s RFID tags, are licensed to leading semiconductor companies worldwide, allowing them to seamlessly integrate crucial nonvolatile memory (NVM) alongside analog and digital functionality on a single chip. Impinj's IP products include the popular AEON® family of embeddable cores, which provides rewriteable NVM technology in logic CMOS manufacturing. For more information, visit

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