Oracle Delivers RosettaNet Compliant Application Server

March 1, 2003
REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., February 26, 2003 - ( Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ: ORCL), the world's largest enterprise software

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., February 26, 2003 - ( Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ: ORCL), the world's largest enterprise software company, today announced that Oracle9i Application Server is the first software infrastucture to be certified for RosettaNet implementations. RosettaNet comprises the business-to-business (B2B) compatibility standards that many high technology companies are adopting and are now mandating for use by their suppliers and trading partners. With the upcoming release of Oracle9i Application Server or the currently available pre-built RosettaNet solution for Oracle(r) E-Business Suite, high technology manufacturing and other supply chain-based companies will be able to reduce the costs, resources and implementation time associated with online collaboration with business partners.

MediaTek, a major components supplier for Hewlett-Packard Compaq in Taiwan, has successfully used Oracle's pre-built, RosettaNet solution to successfully implement RosettaNet standards with one of its partners in less than six days - a process that can typically take more than six months with disparate infrastructure products.

"Industry leaders in the semiconductor and electronics industries are well on their way to adopting RosettaNet as the fundamental solution for inter-enterprise communication across the high technology supply chain," said Jonathan Oomrigar, vice president, high tech business solutions, Oracle Industries. "Oracle has responded to the increased pressures this has put on trading partners, by delivering proven RosettaNet solutions such as Oracle 9iAS Integration and Supply Chain Trading Connector for RosettaNet."

The built-in integration technology of Oracle9i Application Server -- Oracle9iAS Integration - is RosettaNet certified and will ship with Oracle's next release of its application server. Oracle9iAS Integration comprehensively addresses RosettaNet's compatibility needs for trading partner management, document transformation, secure communication and process interaction requirements, while providing a single Web-based tool for managing EAI, B2B, Web services, Business Process Management and Business Activity Monitoring. As a result, Oracle9iAS Integration will help eliminate the need for expensive, proprietary programming skills by providing one tool to define, create, and connect business processes, monitor the integration process, and enable online analysis and reporting for integration activities.

Oracle applications customers can currently choose a pre-built, RosettaNet-complaint solution, which includes Oracle9iAS Integration and the Supply Chain Trading Connector for RosettaNet. Designed for users of Oracle E-Business Suite, the connector helps ensure that complete business documents are delivered or consumed at the correct time, that the exchange is tracked and that exceptions and notifications are captured and dealt with appropriately.

Oracle Leads RosettaNet Interoperability Program Oracle spearheaded the RosettaNet Interoperability program to make it easy for companies to build online collaborations with business partners using the RosettaNet protocol. With more than 10 leading integration vendors participating in the interoperability testing, companies can select the integration platform of choice from these participating vendors and link their supply chains while ensuring RosettaNet compatibility. Oracle in conjunction with RosettaNet defined the criteria for vendor interoperability testing.

"RosettaNet established the RosettaNet Interoperability Program, led by Oracle, to help drive adoption of standardized business processes for the sharing of electronic information between trading partners at every level," said Jennifer Hamilton, CEO of RosettaNet. "The successful completion of the RosettaNet Interoperability Trials by software vendors such as Oracle, is a key step in RosettaNet's goal of providing a standard for business-to-business integration across the supply chain."

"The RosettaNet Interoperability Trials are a significant step in establishing the high-tech electronics industry's first and only e-business standard for automating business-to-business communication,"said Thomas Kurian, senior vice president, Oracle Application Server Development. "Oracle is proud to have taken a leadership role in the RosettaNet Interoperability Program and will continue to work with RosettaNet and its members to ensure the rapid adoption of RosettaNet gateways throughout the supply chain."


Oracle9i Application Server Integration, offered in Oracle9i Application Server Release 2 Version 9.0.4, is scheduled to be available in the first half of 2003.