Product News: Heavy-Duty Handling

Nov. 1, 2002
The Model H170-360HD Comfor-Cab II lift truck handles capacities from 17,000 to 36,000 lb and comes equipped with hydrostatic steer axles and optional

The Model H170-360HD Comfor-Cab II lift truck handles capacities from 17,000 to 36,000 lb and comes equipped with hydrostatic steer axles and optional steel-belted, tubeless Michelin tires for added durability and extended service life. The Comfor-Cab II is ergonomically designed with a side-tilt cab. Hyster Co.

The Kalmar AC heavy-duty lift trucks are powerful, roomy and durable. The DX Series is equipped to handle loads from 15,400 to 18,000 lb while the EX Series lifts from 22,000 to 35,000 lb. Kalmar is a subsidiary of Komatsu Forklift U.S.A. Inc.

The PDI walkie straddle truck has a 2,000-lb capacity and can turn in less than a seven-foot aisle with a four-foot pallet. It can lift its load to 12 feet or be set up as a self-propelled lift table with remote control. Options include die handling attachments, paper roll attachments, crane attachments and a slide-on platform. Big Joe Mfg. Co.

This Jungheinrich Model LPG Hydrostatic Truck TFG 45S with 9,000-lb capacity is available with two drive systems: hydrodynamic or hydrostatic. Hydrostats are trucks for high-throughput capacity, especially frequent, fast travel direction changes. High starting torques ensure excellent traction and precise positioning on steep ramps. The trucks are available in up to 11,000-lb capacity. Multiton

The DX and EX Series trucks are engineered for rigorous use and more efficient operation even in demanding sites. They are equipped to handle large loads ranging from 15,400 to 35,000 lb. Operator comfort, better visibility, easier gauge reading as well as reduced vibration contribute to improved operator performance. The hydraulic suspension compartment on the truck fully isolates the compartment from the frame with improved mountings for absorbing vibrations during travel. Komatsu Forklift U.S.A. Inc.

The 7-Series trucks with 8,000- to 15,500-lb capacity cushion tire models and 8,000- to 17,500-lb pneumatic tire models are large-capacity internal combustion lift trucks designed for pulp and paper and metal fabrication tasks. Operator safety is foremost with new Systems of Active Stability (SAS) technology to monitor and control the movement of the truck to help prevent tipping. SAS also increases productivity because operators can work more quickly and efficiently, especially at high heights. Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. Inc.

The Model GC-CA cushion tire lift trucks have powerful engines and multiple fuel choices for tough, indoor applications in 13,500-lb to 15,500-lb capacities. Available in gas, LP-gas or diesel engine, the GC-CA is useful for paper plants, primary metals, riggers and machinery manufacturing sites. The open operator compartment has a low first step, tilt steering column and other ergonomic features. Yale Materials Handling Corp.

These trucks are for general cargo material and are available in capacities from 22,000 through 110,000 lb. Trucks can be fabricated with a variety of attachments for your requirements. Distributed in the U.S. through Mi-Jack Products. Fantuzzi USA

The new FC 4000 Series of four-wheel, sit-down rider trucks has a new cab-forward design that gives operators the best all-around visibility. The truck positions loads for an optimum line of sight. The truck’s low profile and sculpted cowl increase forward visibility by allowing operators to see the truck’s front tires and corners. The truck has a 6,000-lb capacity. Crown Equipment Corp.

The new GEN 2 lift trucks have capacities from 4,000 to 6,500 lb in cushion tire models with LPG, gasoline or dual-fuel engines. Pneumatic models are available in LPG, gasoline, diesel and dual-fuel with capacities from 4,000 to 7,000 lb. Upright options for both cushion and pneumatic trucks include standard, triple, HI-LO and Quads in a wide range of lift heights. Clark Material Handling Co.

The Series F05 lift trucks offer performance rates that push productivity limits for heavyweight pneumatic trucks. There is a choice of gasoline or diesel engine. The Model TB42 gas model has 89 horsepower and a reliable IC ignition and cross-flow engine design to produce high-energy output. You may also choose a large, powerful diesel engine, the 6.9-liter, direct-injection FE6 engine. Nissan Forklift Corp.

The LodestarXL electric chain hoist line has new, heavy-duty capacities and faster speeds than before for chain hoists. They now lift from two to 7.5 tons with less reeving. The maximum lift speed is 30 fpm. Use them for automotive plants, heavy equipment manufacturing, paper plants and other rugged work environments. The Lodestar XL two-ton electric chain hoist is single-reeved and has an 18 to 30 fpm capacity. The 3- to 5-ton hoists are double-reeved and have a 6 to 15 fpm capacity. The 5- to 7.5-ton hoists are triple-reeved and have a 6-10 fpm capacity. Columbus McKinnon

Hoist and trolley components for concrete handling are engineered for long service life. A trolley-mounted air compressor and hose reels are controlled directly from the pushbutton pendant. Hoists feature dual motors for creep speeds and precise positioning of concrete loads. Crane controls can be designed for full automation and integration into your manufacturing process. Demag Cranes and Components

The G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device lifts from 150 to 300 lb with pinpoint precision at speeds from less than 1 fpm to 275 fpm. That is four times faster than conventional high-end lifting devices. The lifter lets operators accurately move expensive or fragile parts, reducing the risk of injury to worker and product damage. It is controlled by an industrial processor servo-drive system. Gorbel Inc.

Announced are two wire rope hoists: the Yale Global King and the Shaw-Box World Series. The hoists have lifting capacities of 5, 7.5 and 10 metric tons and standard lift heights of 25 and 40 feet, making them useful for heavy manufacturing, tool and die and warehouse applications. Columbus McKinnon Corp.

These chute-positioning power winches, when used in typical applications, feature two separate winches to control a chute’s elevation and extension. Limit switches and brake motors also provide load control. Conveyor systems are made more versatile by a cable-and-winch arrangement that lets the power winch be mounted in an easily accessible place away from a hard-to-reach load. Thern Inc.

Offered is a reversible boom crane that can lift and transport from 1,000 to 20,000 lb. The machine lifts to 14 ft high and can reach under or over obstacles. The telescoping boom increases efficiency; roller bearing wheels allow for easy movement. Air Technical Industries

The new SNER single-phase, electric chain hoists and motorized trolleys provide a heavy-duty ratio for tough jobs, a lightweight and low headroom design and easy maintenance for capacities that run to 3 tons. Harrington Hoists

The Model BK25 heavy-duty unit load conveyor is easily interfaced with other material handling equipment and systems. It handles loads up to 2,000 kg and various pallet types, containers, stacks, crates and boxes. The conveyor is available in roller and chain models. Typical applications include manufacturing and distribution operations like accumulation, sorting, orderpicking, assembly, dispatching, and more. It operates in temperature extremes from -20 degrees C to 50 degrees C. Siemens Dematic, Rapistan Material Handling Div.

The Model SZ251CDA roller-to-roller, chain-driven live-roller accumulation conveyor is proven for conveying heavy, 4,000-lb unit loads like wooden pallets, castings, containers and drum in 50-foot-long zones. It features the Smart Zone accumulation system using photosensors to control individual zones. It is flexible for use with medium- and light-duty applications. Roach Conveyors

Offered are Safe-Rail enclosed track, manual-push systems (upgradable to powered system), Zig-Zag enclosed-track conveyors that easily upgrade to power & free, PaintLine inverted monorail conveyors and heavy-duty I-beam monorail conveyors. The power & free conveyors include the Twin-Trak side-by-side conveyors for low-headroom applications and OveR-Way 4x4 I-beam over-and-under for high-capacity applications. Also offered are consulting, engineering and simulation services for conveyor. Richards-Wilcox Inc.

The Best/Flex Power truck loading conveyor system conveniently stores under your permanent conveyor. The conveyor expands into a truck for faster loading and unloading with fewer workers. The PowerTrax end-of-conveyor device lets you electronically power your conveyors in and out of trucks for faster, easier and safer handling. A strong positive traction running gear pulls the 12-inch tires for easy travelling over dock levelers. Operates on 110 volts. Best Diversified Products

The new Ergo-Cart lift-and tilt-cart makes it easier to move heavy product on the production floor. The cart is built for easy manual movement and steering, rolling on six heavy-duty casters with precision, sealed bearings. To form a train, the carts can be linked together using foot-operated hitch receivers. The carts are equipped with a hydraulic damper, allowing for a control tilt of 45 degrees once it reaches an assembly area. Topper Industrial

This plastic-sprocketed drive belt for clean food handling is less likely to become contaminated compared to conventional rubber belts that can crack and collect bacteria. These modular plastic belts can feature hermetically sealed belt drives to withstand harsh washdowns. Interroll Corp.

This super-strong, all-welded, closed shelving unit is made of 12-gauge steel. It measures 40 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 72 inches high. It features nine drawers in the lower section of the cabinet and four adjustable shelves that each have a load capacity of 1,600 lb. Each drawer comes with a vertical divider and is shipped assembled, ready-to-use. Strong Hold Products

The Model 25-CREDZ is an intelligent and efficient heavy-duty, chain-driven, roll-to-roll accumulation conveyor. The pallet-handling conveyor offers the EZ Logic Accumulation System and a new EZ Drive System that eliminates many mechanical components. Accumulation zones range from 30 inches to 120 inches. Each zone contains a drive. Operating cost is reduced as drives are turned off when there are no pallets present. Hytrol Conveyor Co.

The Power-Pack trailer-mounted powered conveyors are useful for Just-In-Time delivery of goods. Use them for receiving a broadcast, continuous flow production through computerized scheduling, component/part storage and retrieval, reverse sequencing and staging, automatic dock-side loading and unloading, as trailer-mounted power conveyors and conveying to line set. Power-Pack Conveyor Co.

Grade 80 alloy chain slings are popular for overhead lifting applications due to their strength and ability to adapt to the shape of the load. These chain slings normally contain a forged end fitting to easily attach the sling to the lower hook of a hoist and multiple branches for affixing to the load being lifted. Columbus McKinnon

The CartCaddy5W is small and maneuverable. It’s a walk-behind, battery-powered tug for pushing and pulling heavy carts and wheeled equipment. It prevents strains on workers caused by manually pushing or pulling carts in manufacturing and distribution sites. This piece of ergonomic equipment, when used for prevention of injury, pays for itself. DJ Products

These laser-guided vehicles (LGV) use industrial PCs; all parts are standard, off-the-shelf. The vehicle’s new PC-based control system guides the truck all the time. There are more than 20 systems installed worldwide. Pictured is the New Tronics LGV5000 with a 6,615-lb load capacity and a 12-foot lift. It is shown with an optional clamp for load stabilization. Platforms and roller decks are also available to 35,000 lb. Amerden AGVS

The full-support, Level Cart Pushback System stores pallets that have been damaged, those with no bottom boards, nine-legged pallets and pallets ranging in size from 30 inches to 72 inches. This can all be accommodated on the same cart. The pushback racks are available in four-strut, wire deck and diamond plate configurations, and can support up to 3,000 lb per position. Advance Storage Products

The new Laser-Guided Vehicle (LGV) helped a user move ceramic rack that weighs more than 4,500 lb. The rack was about five feet tall and carried silver used in superconductor fabrication. The vehicle had to be accurate enough to place a rack in a furnace with extreme temperatures within 30 millimeters of a door opening. The straddle fork vehicle is equipped with a unique handling clamp to secure the rack during transport. Transbotics

Moving heavy loads like machines? Transport dollies and hydraulic jacks can make moving easier. Up to four Toe Jacks can be used simultaneously to lift a load for putting Transport Dollies underneath. The load is released to the dollies, which can be towed by hand or by trucks, depending on floor conditions. Casters won’t harm vinyl or epoxy floors. Techimpex

The new, 5,000 lb VLX shipping dock floor scale uses a unibody tread plate scale deck with laser-cut and precision bent and welded corners. This creates a 3-dimensional box-top design that protects the load cells, suspension system and cabling. Its steel channel beams minimize the potential for deck “dishing,” a common problem with shipping dock floor scales. The channel beams maintain deck stability and prevent warping. Mettler Toledo Inc.

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