New IMI Warehouse Software Enables Performance-Driven Customer Fulfillment

June 1, 2003
Mt. Laurel, N.J. -- Industri-Matematik International Corp. (IMI) today announced availability of IMI Warehouse 4.1, a new software release that delivers

Mt. Laurel, N.J. -- Industri-Matematik International Corp. (IMI) today announced availability of IMI Warehouse 4.1, a new software release that delivers high-speed warehouse operations with real-time planning, controls, monitoring and execution. The software enables companies to achieve faster, more efficient shipments and deliveries with minimum handling of goods and maximum order throughput.

Among the new features in IMI Warehouse are extended capabilities to manage transport routes and link the warehouse operation to departure schedules. Also included is advanced support for recycling materials by enabling full control of packing materials and deposits received from vendors and other warehouses as well as packing material delivered to customers.

Another key new feature is the comprehensive support of Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) with detailed shipment-level information and content specifications per unique container. ASN support improves flexibility and efficiency by enabling the warehouse to act both as a pool point or cross-dock center for transit shipments, as well as a traditional order-based warehouse operation. All ASN information is exchanged via the XML-based messaging capabilities in the IMI supply chain suite, making it easy to integrate with other systems.

"Customer fulfillment excellence is an essential foundation of the Albert Heijn differentiation strategy," said Boudewijn Canrinus, program manager, European Logistics at Albert Heijn, the $5 billion Netherlands retailer. "We are using the new release of IMI Warehouse to help Albert Heijn improve fulfillment speed by 25% this year. The IMI software has improved distribution center productivity by 5 % and strongly improved quality by more accurate stock and stock transparency. It demonstrated the positive effects of a full paperless logistic operation in a high volume and high-speed order environment."

Also included in IMI Warehouse is a new Radio Frequency (RF) client platform, with applications for automatic receiving based on purchase order or ASN information, interleaved movement, inventory audit and real-time picking tasks.

IMI Warehouse software manages the physical handling of goods across finished goods warehouses, central warehouses, distribution centers, cross-dock centers and local outlets. The software can operate both as a standalone application with open interfaces to other business systems as well as integrated with other IMI suite components, including IMI Order, to support smooth flow of goods from order to delivery.

"The software supports warehouses managing fast-moving, high-volume goods and complex global logistics," said Pär Wetterlöf, Director Product Management, Fulfillment Solutions at IMI. "IMI Warehouse helps companies move toward a zero inventory and 100 percent visibility business model where access to the right information is leveraged to streamline logistics processes, manage uncertainties and reduce capital investments."

Albert Heijn is the largest single brand within the global Royal Ahold group. Based in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn is widely recognized as the country's leading food retailer, with an excellent reputation for both quality and value.

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