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Feb. 6, 2007
Container protects contents against counterfeiting, theft and tampering NEW YORK MIKOH Corporation, the only company providing physical security for RFID
Container protects contents against counterfeiting, theft and tampering NEW YORK – MIKOH Corporation, the only company providing physical security for RFID tags, today announced the availability of SecureContainer™, a container that uses a single pressure-sensitive seal to protect its contents from security compromises and commercial loss as it moves through the supply chain. While disposable containers, such as cardboard boxes, are widely used to distribute a variety of consumer products, these containers are easily penetrated, exposing the contents to potential tampering, theft or counterfeiting. The economic impact of theft is a major concern in supply chain management. In some cases, such as pharmaceuticals, weapons shipments and international trade, this threat to the supply chain may be life threatening or impact the nation’s security. MIKOH’s SecureContainer, a durable, reusable container, features a unique closing system that significantly mitigates risk by providing a single, protected point of entry. It uses disposable plastic inserts that slide into the container doors
and are secured to each other using a tamper-resistant seal. If the container is opened, the pressure-sensitive seal becomes damaged, alerting responsible employees or the container tracking system to potential product tampering. No cleanup is required to reuse the container, because the seal only contacts the plastic inserts. “Protecting against product theft, substitution, contamination and the introduction of counterfeit items is serious business,” said Dr. Peter Atherton, CTO of MIKOH Corporation. “Pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and any organization that transports high-value, sensitive materials must deal with the threats and ensure greater security throughout the supply chain." SecureContainer will work with any pressure-sensitive security seal. Users without RFID systems may use other security seal technologies such as holographic seals or for increased security, MIKOH’s COUNTERFOIL or SubScribe seals. For users with RFID systems, SecureContainer works with MIKOH’s Smart&Secure technology, which provides maximum security and increases supply chain efficiencies. Smart&Secure maintains the physical security of an RFID tag with tamper-evident technology that alerts an RFID reader or disables the RFID tag if the tag is tampered or moved. In addition, the design of SecureContainer ensures Smart&Secure RFID tags are placed in a consistent position and orientation relative to the tag readers, improving reader accuracy even at high speeds. This eliminates supply chain inefficiencies caused by item-level tags not being consistently oriented within a container, which degrades reader reliability and speed. Without the SecureContainer solution, mis-reads of item-level tags require that a container is manually opened and the items checked for tampering or theft, which reduces the efficiency gained from using RFID technology
“If the physical security of the container and RFID tag is not maintained, companies have little or no way to ensure that the product has not been compromised during the distribution process,” Dr. Atherton said. “With tough, durable packaging and tamper-proof RFID technology, SecureContainer ensures that a product arrives in its intended state while maintaining or improving supply chain efficiency.” SecureContainer, which comes in a variety of sizes, is available now from MIKOH. For more information visit About MIKOH Corporation MIKOH Corporation is a leading producer of security and digital marking products and the only company ensuring the physical security of RFID tags. The physical security of RFID tags is a largely overlooked problem in the emerging RFID industry. For RFID end users who need to protect materials, documents and merchandise from security compromises and commercial loss, MIKOH’s tamper-evident RFID technology is flexible, scalable and easily integrates into any RFID ecosystem. MIKOH conceives unique security approaches, researches and develops proprietary technologies to support these approaches, patents and prototypes the technologies, integrates the technologies with other security components, and then embeds these components in commercial and government products. The company has Australian offices in Sydney, NSW, and Melbourne, VIC and U.S. offices in McLean, Virginia and New York, New York. For more information, visit the company's Web site at