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RedPrairie 2010.1 WMS

May 6, 2010
The new 2010.1 warehouse management system (WMS) release from RedPrairie Corp. can streamline the receiving process for GS1-compliant labeling.

Material handling professionals who process a variety of GS1 and ASN labels from vendors and suppliers do not have to discern between different types of labeling systems when using the WMS, according to the company. They can also define their own barcode templates to support other forms of inbound labels containing multiple receiving identifiers.

According to RedPrairie, there’s no need to indicate whether a product is GS1 or ASN because the system automatically scans and parses for the data. In addition, the new WMS release allows users to set up override conditions for each supplier and vendor, helping to streamline inbound receiving. They can also configure items, lot formats, serial numbers and default asset types to reduce the amount of time inbound employees typically spend on assigning attributes to non-ASN inventory.