MtP 400 Mobile Thermal Printers

Oct. 12, 2004
Benton Harbor, MI - Printek, Inc. announces the introduction of the MtP 400 series four-inch mobile thermal printers for label and receipt printing applications.

Benton Harbor, MI - Printek, Inc. announces the introduction of the MtP 400 series four-inch mobile thermal printers for label and receipt printing applications. The MtP 400 comes in three different base configurations:

- A model designed to print on roll-fed receipt paper (MtP 400)
- A version with enhanced memory and graphics features for roll-fed label printing (MtP 400LP)
- A slimline version that utilizes a convenient, drop-in cut sheet paper cassette with 100 page capacity. The cut-sheet feature minimizes paper curl, resulting in a printout that has a more professional appearance than a conventional roll-fed paper system can achieve. (MtP 400SL)

The printers are 802.11b, Bluetooth, and IrDA capable for wireless operation and are designed with a shock absorbing housing that will withstand repeated four-foot drops. The MtP400 will print approximately 500 six-inch labels or receipts per battery charge at a speed of 3.3 inches per second. An onboard fast battery recharge system can recharge the lithium ion battery pack in about 2 hours.

The MtP 400 will retain up to 10 different form definitions for easy recall, making it possible to switch between varieties of label or document formats at the push of a button. The printer can be equipped with up to 2MB of RAM and 2MB of flash memory, allowing enormous flexibility for storage and updating of templates, logos, fonts and character sets. And the MtP 400 is designed to allow software emulation of many popular printer brands, making it plug and play compatible with most of your applications.

The MtP 400 is compatible with a wide variety of handheld terminals and PDA’s . An optional magnetic card reader is available, and a wide variety of accessories are offered, including: vehicle mounting brackets; environmental case; shoulder carrying strap; multi-bay battery charger; in-vehicle power adaptor; and AC adaptor. The MtP 400 printer will begin shipping in September 2004.

Printek is recruiting a select group of channel partners to sell the MtP 400. Software developers, value added resellers, and system integrators who offer mobile computing solutions in supply chain labeling, route accounting, field service, retail point-of-sales and service, and law enforcement are invited to call the company to discuss its reseller program. Printek offers a risk-free trial for a Developers Kit that includes everything required to get the MtP 400 up and running quickly.

For more information, contact Printek via phone (888) 211-3400, fax (269) 925-8539, or write Printek at 1517 Townline Road, Benton Harbor, MI 49022-9928. Visit our Web site at, or e-mail us at [email protected].

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