New Product Spotlight: Pallet Jacks

Nov. 1, 2001
New Product Spotlight: Pallet Jacks | Nov 2009


The TransRoller pallet jack offers standard pallet operation or 90-degree sideways movement. This lets users move the pallet truck in confined spaces. Users can also transport loads longer than the 48-inch forks. It can haul up to 5,000 pounds in standard mode and up to 2,200 pounds in sideways mode. The tine connecting rods are adjustable. Wesco Industrial Products Inc.


This heavy-duty 5,500-pound-capacity pallet jack has 6-inch-wide tines and welded steel entry glides. Articulating axle helps stabilize loads over uneven surfaces. The hydraulic pump system has an overload protection valve. Polyurethane wheels with aluminum core offer long service life and easy movement. Gillis Associated Industries

Stockpicking truck

The Wave work assist vehicle reduces manual material handling in stockrooms and warehouses. The vehicle positions the operator to effectivly pick and stock products up to 14' off the ground. It reduces the amount of climbing or ladder use. Crown

Work positioner

The Tote Lifter Model L-270 is useful for raising and lowering loads at workbenches, feed presses, conveyors and assembly lines. The pump handle has two lifting speeds to accommodate light and heavy loads. Automatic brake and side stabilizers engage automatically once the forks are raised to 15". T&S Equipment

Hand truck

The SideRoller hand truck handles long, narrow items through doorways and halls. It moves plywood, doors, furniture, tables, carpets and crates. It easily converts from standard mode to sideways mode with positive locking in either position. Wesco

Machine guards

These adjustable-width machine guards protect row ends of tandem pallet racks and other machinery and racks. It adjusts from 78" to 108". They are made of heavy-duty welded steel with a yellow safety finish. Vestil Manufacturing

Single-beam light screen

This self-contained, low-resolution system is capable of guarding a 70m span. Output response time is 24 milliseconds, making it a useful alternative for guarding dangerous machinery, including assembly stations, molding presses and automated production equipment. Banner Engineering

Dispensing platforms

These platforms specifically for IBC Totes store and dispense chemicals safely and securely over a spill containment sump. The unit has a Splashguard to protect surrounding areas and workers from chemicals. Pallets are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit all major tote styles and user needs. P&D Solutions

Powered drum handler

The unit is fully counterbalanced, allowing the operator to lift and lower all steel, plastic and fiber drums with ease. Weight capacities are available between 650 and 800 pounds. Useful for approaching drum Hot Boxes, pallets, scales and storage cabinets in a “straight-on” fashion. Benko Products


With the container positioned at the most comfortable height and at any angle from +5˚ to -40˚, reaching, bending and stretching are minimized, thus reducing fatigue and back injuries and increasing productivity. Z-Lift Tilters are available in 3,000-, 4,000- and 6,000-lb. capacities with 32" of vertical travel. Southworth Products