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GMR Safety System

July 14, 2010
GMR Safety’s Clear to Go SB System protects the inside panels and hardware of loading dock doors.

The Clear to Go SB System is a system of protective bars positioned in front of the dock door where the semi-trailer is docked. The system triggers an alarm whenever a passing pallet truck strikes the barrier. The system works with the Power Chock, a sensor-equipped outdoor chock that helps eliminate unintended movements of semi-trailers during loading and unloading.

After a truck and semi-trailer is parked at the dock for loading or unloading, the driver must come out of the vehicle to install the Power Chock system. A red light then flashes outside and the panel inside indicates the operator can activate the dock doors. Operators then lift the Clear to Go SB barrier before the dock leveller is in place. Failure to comply with the safety sequence triggers an alarm.

GMR Safety