Big Joe Forklifts

July 22, 2010
Big Joe Forklifts, LLC. announces their new AC powered forklift models, the PDS-20 and PDS-25.

The PDS-20 and PDS-25 feature I-beam mast construction and enhanced ergonomics. Big Joe Forkilifts says the PDS trucks with AC drive motors, deliver longer run time, faster operating speeds and more flexibility than the previous models.

The PDS-20 and PDS-25 can also navigate in tight areas due to a “creep speed” feature that allows for precise handling. The increased amount of control enhances safety and reduces potential for product damage during operation. Powered by either four maintenance-free, 6 volt gel batteries or an industrial 12-85-7 battery, the PDS trucks offer a duty cycle that is 40 percent longer than the previous model.

The available handset gives the ability to adjust all of the truck’s functions. The Big Joe PDS base unit features a 130 inch vertical lift. Additional options include various battery and mast configurations, or tailoring options for a specific use.

Big Joe, LLC.