Nov. 6, 2008
London Exact details of Lindes new 2009 range of pedestrian pallet trucks and pallet stackers remain formally undisclosed until the official product launch

London – Exact details of Linde’s new 2009 range of pedestrian pallet trucks and pallet stackers remain formally undisclosed until the official product launch in February 2009. However, Linde has issued the following product news and details for January 2009 previews:

“Sinergo, an innovative new operator/truck interface, is the principal design feature that will differentiate the new range from the competition,” explains Mark Sullivan, Product Support and Service Director at Linde Material Handling, UK. “Sinergo creates a high level of synergy between the operator and the truck which delivers improved safety, innovation and ergonomic benefits.”

The new range of Linde pedestrian pallet stackers are the ideal trucks for stacking pallets or stillages in warehouses, retail stores, production areas or workshops. They cover capacities between 1.0t and 1.2t.

The pedestrian pallet trucks are designed to operate with loads up to 2000kg offering a perfect solution for applications such as lorry loading and unloading, as well as all warehouse horizontal load movements. Most frequently used for lorry loading and unloading, these trucks handle pallets in confined difficult-to-manage spaces such as inside freight containers or road trailers. Compactness is an integral part of this new ergonomic range, enabling exceptional manoeuvrability in tight areas.

“Handling the new Linde pallet trucks and pallet stackers, operators will feel a new sensation and be able to appreciate their user-friendly features,” says Mark Sullivan. “The upgraded Linde features have been designed to improve productivity, ease of use, safety and reducing total cost of ownership.

Traditional Linde stability and best-in-class residual capacities improve performance while maintaining the utmost safety. To comply with the many different operating environments, customers are demanding precision truck control combined with the versatility to go beyond the usual capabilities of a stacker. The new pedestrian range is the continuation of Linde’s search to provide improved efficiency through a greater focus on operator comfort, safety and ergonomics.

“Creating improved interaction between our products and their operators will continue to be a key focus for our designers,” concludes Mark Sullivan. “Sinergo is a further step in the direction to creating the perfect synergy between man and machine and we look forward to releasing this exciting new range of pallet trucks and stackers into the market in early 2009.”

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