Report Compares Site Selection Costs for North American Cities

May 24, 2010
A new report from the Boyd Co. Inc., an independent site selection consulting firm, reveals the most and least costly North American cities for manufacturing and production business development.

The 2010 report compares the cost of business development for manufacturing facilities in more than 100 cities. To produce the report, Boyd Co. analyzes geographically variable operating costs, including labor, taxes, construction, real estate, shipping, utilities and other criteria. Cities surveyed are located throughout the NAFTA region.

According to the report, the lowest-cost cities for manufacturing and production include Monterrey, Mexico; Augusta, Ga.; El Paso, Texas; Starkville, Miss.; and Greensboro, N.C. The highest-cost cities include San Francisco; San Jose; New York; Boston; and Vancouver, Canada.

“For many corporations, improving the bottom line on the cost side of the business development ledger is far easier than on the revenue side in this weak, uncertain and globally linked economy,” says John Boyd Jr., a principal of the Boyd Co. and founder of