The Industrial Ethernet Networking Guide

May 1, 2003
Albany, NY -- Delmar Learning, a leader in educational resources for lifelong learning and part of The Thomson Corporation (TSX: TOC; NYSE: TOC), announced

Albany, NY -- Delmar Learning, a leader in educational resources for lifelong learning and part of The Thomson Corporation (TSX: TOC; NYSE: TOC), announced the availability of a technical overview of industrial Ethernet (iE) networking, providing standards-based information on the industrial adaptation of the popular Ethernet networking protocol now enjoying increasing use in manufacturing and process applications. To provide a common knowledgebase for IT and network professionals, control engineers, system integrators, plant/business management, and students, The Industrial Ethernet Networking Guide (Delmar Learning/October 1, 2002/$61.95) by Don Sterling and Steven Wissler, paints an in-depth picture of key iE technologies in view of the seven-layer OSI model. To provide additional perspective, readers are also shown how a data packet can be dissected with available "sniffer" software.

An explanation of components and systems (MES, ERP, etc.) describe how industrial Ethernet technologies can securely connect production and process data with manufacturing and business applications to improve productivity and create enterprise and supply-chain solutions. Thus, the book provides a unique view of iE's value as a tool facilitating data flow in manufacturing and enterprise systems to improve business decision-making, profitability, and agility. Mark Fondl, President and Founder of Network Vision Inc., states that, "The Industrial Ethernet Networking Guide is the most comprehensive book on the market, and it is a must for anyone requiring both application and technical information on the subject.”

Coverage begins with the "Ethernet Communication Evolution" as a framework for factory-to-business infrastructure, including potential benefits and limitations of an iE solution compared to existing factory networks and fieldbus protocols. Subsequent chapters detail what goes into creating an iE control network to enable valuable interconnection solutions, including factory-focused remote monitoring and wireless capabilities to VMI and ERP e-business solutions. A separate chapter is dedicated to network security. An overview of 10 upper-layer iE protocols -- including OPC DX and .NET for Manufacturing -- is provided, along with simple and complex network topologies, and practical tips to help users get connected.

This comprehensive, unbiased perspective equips control engineers, control system integrators, solution providers, IT/network technicians, plant managers, senior executives, and other team members to understand and plan their own iE network and solutions. To create a common ground for this broad audience -- general users and students -- technical jargon has been spelled out and concepts illustrated wherever possible. For technically minded readers, the book provides a context for understanding how iE networking relates to the wide array of control system, manufacturing operation, and plant management issues.

The Industrial Ethernet Networking Guide is available directly from Delmar Learning at, as well as from bookstores nationwide.

About The Authors

Donald J. Sterling is Vice President, Director of Content at Godfrey (Lancaster, PA), responsible for helping high-tech businesses achieve successful marketing communications. He is the author of Designer’s Guide to Fiber Optics, Technician’s Guide to Fiber Optics, and Premises Cabling. Don has over 25 years of experience as a technical and ad copywriter in the areas of electronics and high technology, working with many of the industry leaders in optical communications.

Steven P. Wissler has worked for over 20 years writing and illustrating a wide range of marketing communications materials, including instrumentation, control, and industrial networking subjects. Since 1988, he has worked as Creative Director at Godfrey Advertising (Lancaster, PA), responsible for developing sales and marketing communications for such technical subjects. He is a member of the IEEE Communications Society and the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society.