Mhlnews 712 Avery Dennison 200

RFID for the tough-to-tag

Dec. 16, 2010
Avery Dennison AD-232 ultra-high frequency RFID inlay is ideal for item-level tracking of assets, retail goods including apparel, and many other applications where close proximity or stacking of goods is required. It is designed to perform exceptionally well on difficult-to-tag items such as denim apparel.

Using NXP Semiconductors’ latest EPC Gen 2 integrated circuit, the G2iL, the AD-232 inlay is designed to provide global performance in the 860-960 MHz UHF band, with balanced performance across a wide range of applications. The AD-232 has an antenna footprint of 70 mm x 14.5 mm and fits into a 3-inch wide RFID label.

High chip sensitivity allows for small tags and high performance in a large tag population.

Avery Dennison’s RFID division