Sept. 16, 2005
EPCglobal, ATLANTA - Siemens announced today during the EPCglobal Conference the worldwide rollout of the SIMATIC RF600 family of radio frequency identification

EPCglobal, ATLANTA - Siemens announced today during the EPCglobal Conference the worldwide rollout of the SIMATIC RF600 family of radio frequency identification (RFID) products. The new line is designed to make logistical processes more transparent and efficient by reducing storage costs and enhancing supply chain repeatability from a single platform.

The SIMATIC RF600 line is a coordinated system of matched hardware and software components utilizing Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology (860 to 956 megahertz frequencies). Easily integrated into existing automation and IT systems, the components include:
-Stationary and mobile read/write devices and antennas
-Data carriers including smart labels and tags
-RFID software linking RFID devices to the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications

"Siemens has long been a global leader in RFID technology. Over the past 20 years, Siemens has installed more than 250,000 RFID read/write devices around the world," said Dennis Sadlowski, head of Factory Automation Sensors at Siemens. "This expertise has helped our customers save time acquiring data, lower automated business process costs, and reduce waste with real-time tracking and tracing."

As a leader in manufacturing controls systems, Siemens is committed to providing complete, end-to-end, RFID solutions. The company offers unparalleled service and support to RFID enabled applications - from product and system integration, to training and maintenance throughout the application life cycle.

SIMATIC RF600R Stationary Reader
The SIMATIC RF660R stationary portal reader is now available worldwide and conforms to EPCglobal Class 1, Gen1 and Gen2 standards, as well as the ISO 18000-6 standard. Highly developed algorithms within the SIMATIC RF660R reader deliver outstanding read rates.
Downloadable firmware makes it easy to upgrade the reader as needed to accommodate future developments. Sophisticated software functions provide disturbance-free operation, even when multiple readers are used in close proximity to one another.

Equipped with a robust IP65 housing and effective in a wide range of temperatures, the stationary reader device also meets the demands of rough industrial environments, including warehouses and loading ramps.
As many as four antennas in IP65, designed for UHF bands in Europe and North America, may be connected to the reader to record tags quickly and reliably even under difficult conditions. With a high reading rate, multiple tags are identified simultaneously (bulk recording), and even fast-moving tags are reliably recorded.

Smart Labels / Tags and Printers
Siemens Data carrying tags and smart labels, including self-adhesive smart labels, meet EPC and ISO standards. The labels and tags are now available worldwide for case and pallet level tracking, and in a variety of application-specific designs. UHF label printers to initialize and verify EPC smart labels are also available.

Comprehensive RFID Training
An all-inclusive RFID training program focuses on specific target groups, including end-users, who want to deploy RFID, and integrators responsible for the efficient implementation of RFID systems. The training program provides a well-balanced mix of both the theoretical and practical, including hands-on and computer augmented classroom instruction. Training details and sign-up information is available online at the following: http://www.sea.siemens.com/automat/rfid/index.html

Looking Ahead
Sadlowski said a SIMATIC RF610M mobile reader will be available in the United States early in 2006, and worldwide in the third quarter of 2006. Designed as a plug-in card, the mobile reader will be used with a variety of other mobile devices, including PCs, notebooks, and PDAs. The mobile reader will also be used in parallel with bar code scanners. The SIMATIC RF610M will support EPC and ISO standards.

Industrial-grade, hardened tags will be available in the second quarter of 2006. RFID configuration software, available worldwide in the third quarter of 2006, will deliver reliable online and offline supply chain operation. The software collects, converts, and transfers all accruing RFID data. Designed as an open and scalable system, the software interfaces a wide variety of RFID devices (as many as 200 per node).
The software will provide open interfaces to higher-level business software, including MES systems, Siemens SIMATIC IT, warehouse management applications, and ERP systems including SAP.

"RFID development is a top priority for Siemens--today and in the future," Sadlowski said. "Optimized read/write devices for conveying and handling systems, forklifts, and intelligent readers, along with application-specific antenna designs, are in the planning phases. Our customers can expect that software and firmware feature enhancements to be part of our continuous development process."

For more information about the SIMATIC RF600 family of RFID products, log on to: www.siemens.com/automation/ms/rf600

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