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Wireway Husky Partition System

June 2, 2010
Wireway Husky Corp. introduces The EZ-Matrix wire partition system, a modular, welded wire partition system that the company says is rugged, secure and easy to install.

The system features 8-gauge, 2-inch-square welded wire mesh modular construction and tubular steel stiffening posts. It can be reconfigured locally to accommodate floor or wall irregularities, conveyors, lifts or piping.

The EZ-Matrix wire partition system panels are reinforced with in-line folded flutes for added rigidity and install into slots in the tubular posts without tools. They are available with a variety of lockable doors and windows. The EZ-Matrix wire partition system is anchored to the floor through 3/8-inch-thick pads welded to 2.5-inch-square steel tubular posts. Panel hardware is only accessible from the inside for security, and all painted surfaces are finished with a polyurethane coating.

Wireway Husky Corp.