Product News

Jan. 1, 2002
A look at a variety of products for the material handling industry.

Automatic guided vehicle with forks uses a laser guiding system to move pallets to and from stations or storage locations, with a positioning accuracy of ±0.25 inch. It’s powered by standard steer-drive package with an electric braking system. Travel speeds are to 120 to 200 fpm, and some versions handle loads to 60 tons. Mentor AGV Inc.


The STAK System combines removable and adjustable pallets with a built-in lifting and handling device. The standard STAK System is 16 feet tall, and 2,000- and 4,000-lb. pickup capacities are available. Accessories include tub kits, special pallets for reels of wire, rope, cable, conduits or hoses and dispensers for those materials. Stanley Vidmar


Pre-assembled Model EQP buildingsoffer indoor or outdoor protection for equipment. They can becustomized to secure electronic and mechanical possessions. Theyare constructed of 11-gauge welded steel tubing.Porta-King


BGN Series Narrow Aisle Stacker for pallet stacking has adjustable straddle legs that accommodate a range of pallet sizes. Features include ergonomics, programmable electronic controls for maximum battery usage between charges and solid steel chassis with wide-view I-beam mast. Lifting heights are to 200 inches; capacities are to 4,000 pounds. Operators need minimal training to use. Blue Giant


The ATC Air Technology Conversion Kit converts mechanical dock leveler systems to air technolgoy without structural modification or removal of the leveler from the pit. The air-lifting module includes a bag made of reinforced PVC-coated polyester fibers. A 10-amp fan motor provides the lift. With push-button operation, there’s little maintenance, and the system functions in temperatures from -65 to 200 degrees F. APS Resource


RocketPort 550 in-server multiport cards help you change controls and PCs from old ISA expansion buses to the current PCI bus standard. They are available with a variety of connector and serial protocol configurations, including RJ45, DB25, RS232 and RS422. Comtrol Corp.


Wide-span shelving handles wide, bulky loads. It bridges the gap between conventional shelving and pallet rack. Configurable, it ranges from a single unit to multi-level picking. Quick to assemble, it is available in 18-, 24-, 30-, 36- or 48-inch depths. Standard heights range from six to 16 feet. Standard beam lengths range from 48 to 96 inches. Penco Products Inc.


Ergo-Carts lift, rotate, tilt and transport material handling containers easily and safely. They come in several sizes to accommodate most containers. It takes only 35 pounds of effort to move 3,000 pounds of load. The carts can be fitted with floor stops, two hitches and adjustable dampers. All bearings and casters come with sealed bearings, requiring no lubrication. Topper Industrial


The Digital Pick pick-to-light is a carrier-on-wire system. It offers snap-on, snap-off lights that can be placed anywhere on the racks as product mix changes. It supports paperless, priority-based picking. Lights show employees where and how many items to pick. Its open architecture works with most WMS software, and it supports bar code and RF-based picking. Eskay Corp.


The unit is ergonomically designed to bring and position the load to align with the worker’s specific needs and comfort while giving visibility, performance and safety. The electro-hydraulically operated lift positioner comes in 2,000-, 4,000-, 6,000- and 10,000-pound capacities. The normal tilt angle is 45˚ with optional 90˚ tilt available. Air Technical Industries


These lift tables have powered drive portability useful for applications that require a single lift table to be in multiple locations. The tables feature dual wheel steering, a comfort-grip handle and a maintenance-free battery with charger. Southworth Products


Expanded line of ergonomic lift tables uses air bags to assure a safe lift. The tables include low-profile, multipurpose and human lifts, as well as tilters. The air bag design permits lifting using a one-to-one ratio, which reduces stress and strain on internal components, and thus reduces maintenance requirements. Joyce/Dayton Corp.


These work positioners raise, lower, tilt or turn all kinds of material to a worker’s comfort zone. Products available are hydraulic and air-powered lift, turn and tilt tables; portable and low-profile tables; upenders; dumpers; carousels and orderpicking lifts; coil and roll handling equipment; straddle stackers; and mezzanine and custom lifts. Advance Lifts


Spectrum/ACS software, based on Windows, manages the activity of orderpicking, put-away and cycle count of inventory items for up to four carousels in one pod. It automates horizontal and vertical carousels and supports light trees. It interfaces with a host system, downloads items and directs an off-carousel bulk zone. Features include touch-screen monitors, on-board Access database and ad-hoc reporting. White Systems Inc.


The Easypick Trak Light picking system features modular units that snap in at the pick face. This makes the pick-to-light system easy to reconfigure and maintain. Unique internal addresses let the system communicate independently with one controller. It will interface to a variety of host interfaces. Linux controllers drive the system. FKI Logistex, Real Time Solutions


Series 4.000 speed controllers control the speed of packages and palletized loads on conveyors. There are three types: brake within a roller, tandem brake and con-

ventional spring-loaded brake. The model, with a self-energized centrifugal-action brake, contacts conveyor rollers by tension springs. They control loads from 25 to 3,000 pounds. The tandem versions handle palletized loads from 500 to 5,000 pounds. The brake rollers can limit speed to less than 60 feet per minute. Permanently lubricated, they have a load capacity from 250 to 3,000 pounds. Interroll Corp.


The Model 5500 Drum Handler safely lifts, palletizes, transports and weighs steel, plastic and fiber drums weighing up to 1,000 pounds. Benefits include comfortable maneuverability, user-friendly controls, durability, and smooth, safe handling. Drum Runner


The SCL Series of AC drives includes an integrated EMC filter and IP20 enclosures. For single-phase 220V supply and power needs ranging from one-quarter to three horsepower, the drives take up little space. AC Technology Corp.


The dumper empties up to 4,000 lb of material and rotates a container 180˚. It can be customized to fit a variety of applications and containers. A lift truck driver can load, operate and unload the dumper without leaving the vehicle using an optional wireless remote control. Powell Systems


The Model VX4 vehicle-mounted computer for use on lift trucks is based on Windows. Inside is an Intel Pentium 266 MHz processor. The computer also includes a 10-inch color display with touchscreen interface. It has an IP66 environmental rating. LXE Inc.


FastPic4 can improve throughput and productivity of operations using printed pick lists. All that’s needed is the kit number, and the software directs operators automatically to all components that make that kit. The program manages manual and automated storage and retrieval systems including shelving and rack, pick-to-light, horizontal carousels and vertical storage devices. It also manages multiple work zones. The kitting interface includes a grid field, similar to a spreadsheet, that streamlines data entry. Text can be customized. FastPic Systems


The E-Pick system is modular and expandable, letting users upgrade to a digital system with minimal downtime. It reduces wiring cost and installation time by up to 60 percent. The light modules are easy to read, with the lights displaying the quantity to be picked. The system can also be programmed to speed restocking. It integrates with a company’s host ordering system. Engineered Products