NAM Launches Employee Free Choice Act Toolkit

Feb. 17, 2009
In an effort to provide greater details about the anticipated Employee Free Choice Act, the National Association of Manufacturers has prepared a Web-based EFCA toolkit designed to inform readers of the proposed legislation and its impact on workers and businesses.

To assist manufacturers’ understanding of the issue, the NAM provides background information, polling data, and facts about the bill. John Nofsinger, CEO of Material Handling Industry of America, alerted MHIA members to the toolkit, which can be found at NAM's website.

EFCA would make it easier than it has been for workers to form unions by requiring that employers recognize a union if a majority of employees at a workplace sign cards indicating they wish to organize. Business groups fear the bill will enable unions to quickly add millions of workers and drive up labor costs.

EFCA has quickly emerged as a top legislative priority in 2009, with President Obama already on record as supporting the bill. Many expect the law to pass in one form or other. When first proposed in Congress in 2007, the vote ran purely along party lines in both Houses and the bill was ultimately blocked.