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Sept. 23, 2005
HARTLAND, Wis. Its hard for frozen pizza manufacturers to properly package their pizzas, if their pizzas arent guiding properly on the conveyor.This was

HARTLAND, Wis. — It’s hard for frozen pizza manufacturers to properly package their pizzas, if their pizzas aren’t guiding properly on the conveyor.

This was the problem facing a Wisconsin-based pizza manufacturer. Not surprisingly, Dorner’s Engineer’s Special Products (ESP) program had the answer.

ESP is a program that gives extra attention to building conveyors with unique dimensions and characteristics above and beyond the dimensions of Dorner’s regular conveyor platforms. So, when the pizza manufacturer was looking for a conveyor to properly handle its packaging line, it saved time and money by having engineers who are conveyor experts, such as the team on Dorner’s ESP program, handle the project.

The application called for a conveyor system to prepare shrink-wrapped pizzas and packaged boxes of pizzas for shipment. Specifically, the pizza manufacturer sought a conveyor system with strengths in accumulation to best augment its shipping preparations.

Dorner’s ESP program modified its Modular Plastic Belt (MPB) Series conveyor into a low back-pressure conveyor system to meet the pizza manufacturer’s specific needs. The conveyor’s belt was redesigned with several small rollers to allow for accumulation at the point where pizzas are removed from the conveyor. The moving conveyor belt transports pizzas down the line to the shipping area—a point in the process where they could become stacked one behind the other on the moving conveyor.

The small rollers on the specially-design belt create low back-pressure, allowing the conveyor system to remain moving while keeping the pizzas in place as they glide over the rollers. A conveyor system in this application without rollers on the belt could cause premature wear to the conveyor belt, and the friction of a stopped pizza against a moving belt would damage the heat-shrink wrapping on the bottom of the pizza.

Since all of Dorner’s conveyors are made to order, building an ESP MPB Series conveyor for a customer, or making other special modifications to one of its six conveyor platforms is a breeze. The ESP program is another value customers receive in doing business with Dorner and it further enhances the company’s commitment to being responsive.

Delivery for an ESP MPB Series conveyor and related accessories is typically four weeks from final approval.

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