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March 1, 2003
THERMAL PRINTER The M-5900Rve printer is for heavy-duty industrial direct thermal applications. It uses 32-bit RISC processor technology for better throughput


The M-5900Rve printer is for heavy-duty industrial direct thermal applications. It uses 32-bit RISC processor technology for better throughput and imaging response time. Sato America Inc.;, 888-871-8741.


Drive-in racks feature flared load rails for wide entry and exit clearance, low-profile arms for increased vertical clearances, and welded front arms to eliminate load rail protrusions into aisles. The system configures easily for loads from two to seven deep and can be designed to accommodate any facility size. Optional features include an offset front frame to set the lower portion of the frame away from the aisle. Steel King Industries Inc.;, 715-341-3120.


This low-profile, platform-type AGV handles newspaper, printing and publishing applications. It can perform roll handling and can automatically load rolls to the presses. Rolls can be 50 in. or 55 in., or partial. The unit has quad travel for flexibility and efficient use of space. Laser bumpers are standard equipment. Travel speeds are to 200 fpm. AGV Products Inc.;, 704-845-1110.


The E30-40HSD is a three-wheel electric stand/drive counterbalanced lift truck available in 3,000-, 3,500- and 4,000-lb capacities. Design updates allow operators access to the electrical apparatus, lift pump, drive motors and power steering assembly. The top and front service panels are designed to snap up and back, giving operators quick access to all regular service points. The instrument panel displays battery charge information and diagnostics and fault codes. The panel also monitors hours-in-use for each driver by allowing password access to the truck, and gives the operator control of traction modes. Hyster Co.;, 252-931-5100.


Modular Storage System can store a case and retrieve another in 12 seconds, allowing for the movement of up to 300 cases per hour. The new crane is three times faster and the new design weighs 30 percent less than previous models. Distance between products is shortened by two-thirds using Side Clamp Method. Group retrieval and in-order retrieval are handled by pre-pull methods. The system is for applications that handle loads of varying sizes and shapes. SK Daifuku Corp.;, 801-359-9900. Write 223


Wrap spring clutch/brakes handle load starting and stopping applications. The Standard CB Series is self-contained and offers speeds to 1,800 rpm. They start and stop loads with ±1/2 degree per revolution. Five sizes have rated static torque ranging from 25 to 2,500 lb-in. These units are for applications requiring incremental starting and stopping of a load using a continuous rotational input. The Super CB Series has the same features, except that it provides up to five times the life with no maintenance. Its torque ratings range from 250 to 2,500 lb-in. with operating speed to 750 rpm. The WSC Series mechanically actuated clutches provide high torque in a compact, simple design. Warner Electric,, 800-234-3369.

Case Study

Counting Scales Improve Accuracy at M&M Aerospace

At M&M Aerospace Hardware Inc., quality counts. Literally.

M&M Aerospace of Miami is a distributor of nuts, bolts, washers, rivets and other fasteners to aerospace manufacturers like Boeing/McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed and Airbus, among others. Customers judge quality based on the accuracy and speed with which it fills orders. Previous scales were only 94 percent to 95 percent accurate, meaning parts had to be reweighed, increasing order-fill time.

To solve this problem, M&M chose Super II counting scales. These scales use variable capacitance technology that results in high internal counting resolution. The Super II can measure a weight change of as little as one part per million. The results have been an accuracy improvement of more than tenfold. Order filling is 30 percent faster, too.

The scales are also used for incoming orders. When an order placed by M&M arrives, staff forwards the hardware to the receiving department, where all parts are counted using the scales. This step has increased parts counts accuracy to 99.5 percent.

For the full story, go to, MHM, Articles, Industry News, “Counting Scales Improve Accuracy.”

Super II counting scales by Setra Systems Inc.;