Mhlnews 767 Conroll 200

Conroll Conveyor

May 6, 2010
Conroll announces ShaftDrive, a line of 24-volt DC conveying systems featuring live rollers that support conveyed loads and supply motive power at the same time.

Mounted on bearings, the new system combines conveyor stub-shafts with a variety of carrying elements, including conveyor rollers and conveying wheels. The lack of exposed belts, chains or motors means there are no pinch points requiring machine guarding. Power transmission elements, including drive cartridges, are concealed within the conveyor’s side rails. The cartridges can be fitted with a slip-clutch for safety or a one-way clutch to prevent package reversal on steeply inclined conveyors, the company says.

Depending on the choice of materials, conveyors can be employed in wash-down areas, clean rooms and other environmentally sensitive areas, according to the company. Pre-fabricated, multi-drive modules are available.