Bizlink Receives Sony Green Partner Authentication

April 1, 2003
Fremont, Calif., -- BizLink Technology, a supplier of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses to OEM and contract manufacturers, announced today that it

Fremont, Calif., -- BizLink Technology, a supplier of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses to OEM and contract manufacturers, announced today that it has received Green Partner Authentication from Sony Corp. for its main manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China.

Green Partner Authentication means that BizLink's facility has established a comprehensive environmental management system that minimizes or eliminates the release of hazardous materials, including lead and cadmium, two materials used extensively in high tech manufacturing.

"By seeking Sony Green Partner Authentication, BizLink is taking the next step in assuring Sony and BizLink's customers that its manufacturing procedures conform to the highest environmental standards," said Roger Liang, CEO of BizLink Technology. "We believe that environmental awareness is a cornerstone of maintaining responsible business practices and we are happy to be among the first group of manufacturers that have earned the Green Partner status in China."

Sony's environmental authentication program stemmed from the company's efforts to eliminate the use of hazardous materials in its manufacturing processes. The company is extending these requirements to its suppliers and vendors as part of a high-level effort by company executives to reduce the amount of environmental impacts throughout its entire supply chain.

To achieve authentication, BizLink spent the past six months establishing an Environmental Quality Assurance system, an executive team and a streamlined, Green-compliant factory to produce environmentally friendly products. Sony's audit covered BizLink's procedures for manufacturing a variety of cable products. Sony found that BizLink is manufacturing its products in a way that minimizes environmental impacts with respect to releasing contaminants such as lead and cadmium and that Bizlink's procedures conform to all requirements set forth in Sony's Green Partner Program.

BizLink's Shenzhen facility was already certified to the ISO-14001 standard, which specifies requirements for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Sony developed the Green Partner program as part of its drive to factor in environmental considerations from the materials procurement stage. The Green Partner Program involves coordinating Sony's efforts with those of business partners who supply components, devices and materials. Under the Green Partner Program, Sony and its business partners adhere to a common set of environmental standards. The objective is to improve competitiveness with respect to Sony and its business partners through the development of environmental quality assurance procedures that reduce environmental impact.

BizLink Technology is an established "Tier-1" manufacturer of interconnect products with state-of-the-art facilities around the globe.