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Feb. 1, 2001
QUICK RESPONSE Product News QUICK RESPONSE HYBRID LIFT TRUCK The MS/RV is a man-on-board storage and retrieval vehicle that combines the dense storage

Product News


The MS/RV is a man-on-board storage and retrieval vehicle that combines the dense storage of an automated storage and retrieval system with the flexibility of turret-type lift trucks. It can operate in narrow aisles, storing and retrieving loads to 60 feet high. Channel-type tracks in the floor and powered overhead guide tubes keep loads stable at such heights and ensure vehicle alignment in the aisle. Outside the aisle, operators can drive the MS/RV from one aisle to another. Jervis B. Webb Co.


Trak-Saver sectional door bracket reduces damage to sectional door tracks caused by lift truck impact. Using the Omni-Flex impact system, the bracket lets the track flex and then rebound. The brackets are made of 1/4-inch steel. Rite-Hite Aftermarket


The One Touch Distribution system reduces pick, sort and ship time and labor, especially in applications requiring less-than-full-case orders. This integrated, split-case picking and sorting system sorts items automatically, keeping man-hours low. It consists of a cross-belt or tilt-tray sorter loop, induction and sortation stations, White Systems horizontal carousels, and a Real Time Solutions pick-to-light system. The belt sorter handles fragile, high-friction items with sort destinations of short centers. The tilt-tray sorters handle items up to 70 pounds. Throughput ranges from 6,000 to 40,000 pieces per hour. Crisplant Inc.


Intellitag reusable plastic container tags mount on reusable plastic containers and allow shippers, retailers and packagers to track the location and contents of bulk packaging throughout the supply chain. The 3.3 x 0.75 x 0.31-inch tag operates at 915 MHz (UHF) frequency band with a single-antenna range to four meters. The system can read and update information on many tags at once with low-power wireless signals that don’t need line of sight. Memory size is 1,024 bits. Reads can be as much as 40 times faster than with bar codes. The technology integrates into existing systems. Intermec Technologies Corp.


The D100/120/150 Series lift trucks include an ergonomically designed, fully adjustable suspension seat for operator comfort. The seat adjusts fore, aft, up and down. The forward-backward range is 4 inches. Seat height adjustment in three stages is 1 inch each and the seat cushion has a range of 4 inches. The seat back adjustable angle is 80 degrees with a maximum forward position of 20 degrees and a backward position of 60 degrees. The armrest’s maximum backward angle is 100 degrees, easing entrance and exit. In addition, the truck’s operator compartment offers good visibility in all directions. The tilt steering column easily adjusts to any operator requirement. Daewoo Heavy Industries America Corp.


The alpha version of the high-speed Ethernet testing kit is available. It will test the link of Ethernet devices to subsystems of H1 Fieldbus devices to a 100 Mbps backbone. This kit leads the way for registering devices. The Fieldbus Foundation


The Model 1265 ESAC is an electronic-sensing accumulation conveyor. Its sensing system allows smooth product accumulation and quiet operation for low- to high-rate applications. Modular, its components snap-fit to pneumatic zone controls. It can be retrofitted to existing conveyors with mechanical zone sensors. Controls for each accumulation zone consist of a logic module with mode switch and a photoelectric connector. Rapistan Systems


The 32 x 38 Structo-Cell Automotive Pallet-Lid system accommodates totes that previously only worked with 45" x 48" pallets. Suited for rightsizing and greening initiatives, features include solid, one-piece construction; 1-inch-tall lip; wide bottom stringers with radius ramps for strength; a static load of 20,000 pounds; four-way lift truck access, 2-way pallet openings; compatibility with 12 x 7.5, 12 x 15, 12 x 5, 12 x 9 and 12 x 30 totes; and pods for easy stacking. Cookson Plastic Molding Corp.


Modbus Slave ActiveX toolkit and DeviceSim simulation application support Modbus and Modbus/TCP development, simulation and testing. The toolkit helps PC-based instrumentation manufacturers embed Modbus and Modbus/TCP capabilities into their systems. DeviceSim is an application that lets systems integrators and users test Modbus Master hardware and applications without actual slave hardware. Automated Solutions Inc.