Product News

May 1, 2002
New products in the MH industry.

Product News


The 7087 fiber-optic amplifier offers a backlit digital LCD display and provides an eight-step automatic gain control for very fine adjustments. Other features include light-on or dark-on selectable, timer function selectable with off-delay up to 40 milliseconds and programmable modulation selection for cross-talk protection. Automatic Timing & Controls;, 717-295-0500.


The Marathon Hydrarol door offers security with its durable metal exterior. It can open and close at 42 ips. The door is composed of interlocking slats with anodized aluminum and is reinforced with a shock-absorbing PVC interior. Clear acrylic windows slats are available for visibility. The door is weather sealed with R8 polyurethane foam insulation. It handles wind loads to 88 mph. Larger doors, 12 feet and wider, have nylon wind locks. ASI Technologies Inc.;, 800-558-7068.


The QLS-4100 X is a 4-color digital label printer. Using thermal transfer printing technology, it produces labels and tags in full process color without printing plates. It lets companies cost-effectively print as few as 10 to as many as 100,000 labels. It also helps eliminate inventories of printed labels because the PC can store hundreds of label formats and print them on demand. Print speed is seven ips. QuickLabel Systems;, 877-757-7978.


Model EFG-Vac 25/30 is an AC-powered 80-volt, electric 4-wheel lift truck. It handles loads to 6,000 lb with a travel speed to 12.4 mph. Lift speed reaches 108 fpm. The totally enclosed drive axle needs no maintenance. The AC controller lets the truck stop automatically on any gradient when the accelerator pedal is released. Travel speed is automatically reduced when driving around curves. The truck operates indoors or outdoors and consumes 30% less energy than other alternatives. Multiton MIC Corp.;, 804-737-7400.


Enclosed track conveyors come in six models. The Inverted Power and Free offers nearly full product accessibility. It can be used in painting and other sanitary operations. The Overhead Power and Free offers versatility and control. It accumulates loads, switches and reroutes products and paces production speeds. It also features diagonal banking and online accumulation. The Overhead Continuous Flow can handle individual loads to 450 pounds. The Inverted Continuous Flow is the inverted version of the overhead conveyor. It handles clean-room applications. The Hand-Pushed conveyor works with minimal effort. The Over-N-Under conveyors provide storage and accumulation, and can transfer parts or loads over designated distances. Unibilt, Jervis B. Webb Co.;, 248-553-1220.


The MHL Series Mobile Hydraulic Dock Lift goes where stationary dock lifts are impractical. It accesses any truck style and truck bed height from inside and outside a building. It operates from a standard 110-V connection. The detachable two bar and flip down steel wheels let it be positioned by one person. Remote control lets operators position the 5-ft lift height to where needed. Load capacity is up to 5,000 lb. Presto Lifts Inc.;, 713-434-3420.


Plastic Replacement Tilt Trays are thermoformed from 3/8-in.-thick ABS plastic. About 10% lighter than plywood and almost unbreakable, they fit all popular sorters made by Alvey, Buschman, Crisplant, Dematic, HK Systems, Kosan and Matthews. Each weighs 9.2 lb and is drilled to OEM specification. Slideways Inc.;, 800-298-7543.


WalStor is a wall system for improved work area efficiency. It lets you organize space flexibly and efficiently. This design has no horizontal tubular supports for easier installation. Shelf brackets fit directly on the vertical wall bracket for a stable load-bearing structure. It operates as a standalone system, or the units can fit above any table, sink or desk. A drop-down shelf is also available. Eagle MHC;, 800-637-5100.


iristaVision 8.2 coordinates the execution of order fulfillment and delivery processes. It provides a real-time performance picture of a network’s infrastructure, conditions and constraints. It proactively monitors a defined process notifying appropriate personnel when picking, packing, staging, loading, shipping or delivery fails to start or stop at designated times. It also provides information on the status of advanced ship notices, inbound deliveries, planned and actual outbound deliveries, purchase orders, received purchase orders and returns. Irista Inc., an HK Systems Co.;, 866-447-4782.