Sept. 30, 2008
Honeywell announced its newest addition to the 3800 linear bar code scanner family to meet the needs of customers who require maximum durability from

Honeywell announced its newest addition to the 3800 linear bar code scanner family to meet the needs of customers who require maximum durability from their bar code scanning solution. Designed for use in manufacturing, backroom retail, warehouse and distribution or other extreme industrial environments, the new 3820i Industrial Cordless Linear Imager is ready to use indoors or outdoors in a range of temperatures and operating conditions where less rugged barcode scanners won’t survive.

Based on the benefits of a proven product line, the 3820i builds on many of the reliable design and technology benefits of the 3800 — no moving parts, integrated Adaptus® Imaging Technology 5.0 and an optimized blend of ergonomics and durability.

Founded on performance and endurance, the 3820i is backed by a three-year warranty and has been tested to withstand fifty drops onto hard concrete from six-and-a-half feet (two meters), simulating standard industrial conditions. Independently IP54 certified, the 3820i is water and dust resistant, making it the ideal solution for any environment where dirt and moisture render other scanners unusable. The device withstands temperatures ranging from below freezing to extreme heat while still providing enough power to read bar codes that are dirty or damaged from intense environments. An adjustable good-read beep and highly-visible dual LEDs let workers know they’ve captured successful scans even where noisy conditions prevail.

“To achieve the highest ROI possible, industrial enterprises require scanning solutions that are built specifically to fit their work environments,” said Melissa Fiutak, Manager of Product Marketing for Hand-Held Imagers, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. “We’ve combined classleading ergonomics and durability with innovative battery management and high-performance bar code scanning to deliver a solution that’s optimized for improving productivity in the harshest applications.”

The 3820i can operate for long periods of time while still being ergonomic and easy to use. The battery works for 50,000 scans or over 16 hours, enough to work over two shifts before requiring a charge. For customers requiring even longer periods of service in situations where downtime is not an option, batteries can be easily swapped without any tools.

Wireless communication is handled via Bluetooth v2.0, allowing a maximum range of 33 feet (10 meters) between the scanner and the base, and eliminating potentially dangerous cables from fast-paced work areas. Up to seven different 3820i units can connect to a single base, adding value and simplicity to installations that require multiple scanners. To prevent loss of information and wasted time, the scanner can keep up to 500 bar codes in memory for times when the unit is unable to transmit to the base. Once a connection is re-established, the 3820i will transmit the stored data. As an option, the 3820i is available with FIPS 140-2 encryption, meeting U.S. Government requirements for secure wireless data transmission and adding an enhanced level of security for any situation that handles sensitive information.

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